Friday, October 12, 2012

Greetings, Earthlings!

To all you people on the internet weird enough to be reading this, greetings! (and when I say people weird enough, I mean all those people whom I know and told to read this. And possibly random people I DON’T know who are reading this.)
I am Monica. I love Paramore, most vampires (the ones that sparkle are gross) and books.
I just started college. I plan on getting published before I graduate.
Some things all people should know about me:
I am extremely full of myself.
I enjoy watching movies where people die.
I almost always fall in love with shifty/evil characters in books and movies.
I love finding little-known bands and then telling everyone I know about them and then force people to go listen to said bands.
If you are friends with me, I expect you to buy a copy of my book when it gets published (even if you’ll never read. The same thing applies that if I am your friend and you publish a book, I will buy it even if I never read it)
And yet, despite all this, I am remarkably easy to get along with.

Some more things you should know about me:
I am extremely obsessive,
I just watched The Vampire Diaries season 4, episode 1, and I am SOOOO happy that Elena is now a vampire (it’s about time, too!)
I cried because Firefly got canceled. Seriously, how could that happen?
Love books. LOOOOVE books. The word LOOOOVE, in this case, is actually an understatement.
I rarely say bad things about people, places, or anything. If I think something that happened was awful, I keep it to myself.
Subsequently, I rarely give bad book reviews on goodreads.
Contradicting the same statement, I am not afraid to say what I think.
So, I suppose that statement up there wasn’t entirely true. It’s not that I don’t say bad things about stuff if I think it was awful, but I try not to be deliberately mean.
And now I’m just rambling, so I’ll shut up (figuratively. Because, you know, I'm not actually speaking out loud.)

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