Friday, October 19, 2012

The VAMPIRE Diaries

I do believe that last week I stated that I was happy that Elena (from The Vampire Diaries) is now a vampire.
But I'm not sure if words can properly convey my elation.
I've been watching TVD since 2011. I got season 1 on DVD on Easter in 2011, and watched it in August-ish. Since Season three started about a month after I first watched it, and me having no netflix or anything like that, I read about season 2 on the wiki, put season 2 on my Christmans list and watched season three.
In short, I am completely caught up on all thing TVD and have been obsesses with it for a little over a year.
In case your wondering, after I began watching the TV series, I did read the books. and HATED them, but whatever.
I tried to get my best friend to be obsessed with them with me, and lent her season 1, but she just wasn't into it.
Fortunately, one of my high school librarians was pretty obsessed with it, so I did have someone to obsess with it about.
but now I'm in college. and even when I go back and visit my high school, that librarian isn't there anymore. :(
Anyone up for obsessing about TVD with me?

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