Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book Review: Deltora Quest

So, I have been rereading this series of books from my childhood. Deltora Quest. Have you heard of it?
If you haven’t, you must read it.
Although the Deltora Quest books do seem to be for children, looking at the title, and the covers of the books, and the fact that no book is more than four centimeters thick, these books are not for young or faint-hearted children. These books are very dark and twisted. And amazing.
The story begins with Lief, the main character. (yes, his name is Lief. As in leaf).
Scratch that. The story begins with Jarred, Lief’s ‘father’. Jarred is the best friend of Endon, and the story begins with Endon’s dad dying and Endon becoming the king of Deltora.
Long story short, the bad guy, the Shadow Lord, comes and takes over.
Fast forward sixteen years. Now we meet Lief. And Lief embarks on a quest to restore the Belt of Deltora, which can defeat the Shadow Lord.
In order to restore it, he must go around the kingdom of Deltora, to the most fearsome places about, and find seven magical gems that originally belonged to the seven tribes of Deltora long, long ago. Before they were united.
There’s a whole history there that you’ll have to read the books in order to understand it.
So they basically go to really fearsome places and have to fight really fearsome creatures in order to get these gems.
And these ‘Guardians’ are fearsome in a way that you don’t have to be a little kid to be afraid of them, disturbed by them, or at the very least, grossed out by them. The Shifting Sands Guardian was particularly creepy, if you ask me.
Also, Jasmine is an ‘orphan’ and it’s very sad for her.
And then there’s Doom. We don’t meet Doom until the fourth book, The Shifting Sands, but he’s very shifty, he also happens to be y favorite character. Besides Jasmine. He also happens to be someone else…
Which leads me to this books deep and twisted conspiracy. There is layer upon layer of lies and deceit. I mean, yeah, the Shadow Lord has the corner on deceit and plans within plans and evil-ness, but the good guys have some pretty deep and twisted deceit among their ranks, too.
Mainly, in the first book, when Lief’s father tells him to go on this quest, he’s finally telling Lief the truth, but he’s still hiding stuff.
It’s actually a really cool series.
They’re by Emily Rodda. You should check them out.

*Note: I did not review the Deltora Quest books on goodreads


  1. I've never heard of this series, but it sounds interesting! I don't know why, but what you say here slightly reminds me of Percy Jackson.

    And Monica! Where's the follow button for your blog!? :O

  2. It's kind of like Percy Jackson in that is intended for readers younger than YA. I first read this series way back in elementary school.

    And I have no idea where the follow button is. I only got this blog last month and I barely figured out how to post stuff.

  3. Okay, I figured out how to put a follow button! it's right above the blog archive! I'm so happy, I figured it out!