Friday, November 30, 2012

I Am Number Four Book-to-Movie Comparison

I sorta promised I'd do this, even though no one reads my blog.

So, over thanksgiving Break, I read I Am Number Four, The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine, and all the little novellas in that series.
And I Watched the I Am Number Four movie.
Now, I do recall liking the movie the couple of times I’ve watched it in the past. This last time I watched it, however, I read the book RIGHT BEFORE watching the movie. This caused me to notice everything, details both small and big, that the movie got wrong, and I was very bitter.
I don’t like to be bitter. In the future, I shall make a conscious effort to put at least a month in between reading a book and watching said book’s movie adaption.
Especially for The Mortal Instruments movie that’s coming out next summer. I really don’t want to be bitter watching that movie.
So, mainly, if there’s been a sizable chunk of time between reading I Am Number Four and watching the movie adaption, there’s only one thing that really annoys me, and that’s that a couple of the big events in the book were moved forward one event in the movie, i.e., Sam finding out John’s an alien and Henri’s death.

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