Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Passing Math

Okay, so I need to post something.
I now have a low C in math! I got a 90% on the second project (which I did last week) and that project averaged with first project grade is 82.5. you figure that in with my current average, and I have 72.875! And that, my friends, is a C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This makes me positively overjoyed, for a couple different reasons.
1)      I no longer have a D.
2)      No longer having a D, my parents will be happy with me.
3)      The Happier my parents are with me, the more likely I am to get books!
Actually, funny/angry story about that. My birthday was in September and I got quite a few giftcards. A B&N giftcard and an Amazon giftcard. And then I think I bought another B&N giftcard later in September or early October.
Anyway, point is, I had giftcards. I used giftcards to order books. Books came in. And my father has been holding them hostage. Like he thinks that I’m NOT trying to pass math. I still have books. I still read books. Not THOSE ones, but I still have and read books.
Just because I read does not mean that I’m not trying to pass math. I have, in fact, sworn a solemn oath, several times at this point. The oath goes like this:
“I will pass math if it the LAST thing I do.”
Of course, I do hope that it WON’T be the last thing I do, but regardless, if the world ends this December, it is my full intention to have passed math.

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