Friday, November 16, 2012

Since it is Friday...

Okay, guys it’s Friday, which means I watched TVD and Beauty and the Beast earlier today, which means I’m gonna talk about them.
TVD: I hope that there is a Klaus and Caroline romance. I know most people are against that because pretty much everyone hates Klaus, but I’ve actually been pining for a romance between the two of them since Klaus drew a picture of Caroline and a horse in season three.
Also, I do believe Stefan and Elena broke up!
This makes me too happy for… words. Words are failing my happiness. If I knew how, I would post of video of myself happy-screaming. But I don’t.
Since I don’t I will instead give you this link:
cuz that is pretty dang epic. It doesn’t describe my feelings, but I couldn’t find a video that did (I’m sure there is one, I just didn’t find it) and this one is… pretty dang epic.
Yeah. So I’m hoping that not only will Elena stay a vampire, but she and Damon will also, you know, get together.
BandtheB: I wanted to strangle Evan! He kind of messed with Cat and Vincent. And then at the end of the episode, oh my GOD. I was practically screaming and weeping and down on my knees begging for Vincent and Cat to kiss. Not so.
And then, at the END end of the episode, it was like, twist, no! And now I have to wait for another whole TWO WEEKS of torture.
I’ll stop typing now before I explode.

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