Friday, November 2, 2012

TVD- I Will Stop Watching You

Okay, to whoever makes The Vampire Diaries, writes the episodes, decides what happens and stuff, I am speaking to you: if you make Elena be a human again, I will STOP WATCHING TVD. After four seasons, you finally made her a vampire, and now you're going to reverse it? What is wrong with you? Are you Crazy?
No. No. No. It cannot happen. I will not let it happen. YOU will not let it happen.
Also, DAMON AND ELENA SHOULD KISS ALREADY! Now, if you make Elena be not-a-vampire, there is one thing that might make me keep watching the series. and that is Stefan and Elena BREAK UP and Elena and Damon GET TOGETHER.
GRRR. There is no cure. It's a hoax. A hoax, I tell you!

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