Thursday, December 27, 2012

Darkest Powers: Overall Trilogy Review

5 stars. Totally.

**Warning: Contains spoilers and limited foul langauge

Chloe is the main protagonist, a film student, and a NECROMANCER. As in, not only can she TALK to dead people, but she can RAISE and CONTROL the DEAD. Is that cool or what?
Chloe is described by other characters in the series as TOO NICE. And she is. She is very selfless, and she has the want to HELP people. To PLEASE people.
This is kind of both her greatest strength and weakness, if you ask me.
I also like Chloe because towards the end, she grew into herself. When Derek gave her crap, she was like “No. I’m not taking this.” Which I really love.

Derek: Well, first of all, he’s a werewolf, so no matter what, he’s all right with me.
So, in the first book, he is one MAJOR JERKFACE.
There is a reason for this. The reason is very much similar to Will Herondale’s from the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. He thinks he’s a dangerous, so he doesn’t want to let anyone close. The circumstances from Will to Derek are different, but it’s still mostly the same reason

Tori: I really appreciate Tori’s character. She reminds quite a lot of Aphrodite from HoN. Like Aphrodite, Tori starts out as a real bitch, who’s only purpose seems to be to create tons of drama for the protagonist (Chloe). Also like Aphrodite, as the books continue and it’s is proven that the protagonists’ other friends can be flaky, Tori is fairly reliable and becomes Chloe’s most trusted confidant. Also like Aphrodite, Tori’s mother hates her. Ah, parallels.

Simon: Eh… I really wish I had tons to say about Simon. He’s nice. He’s trustworthy. He’s loyal. He’s determined. He’s Derek’s foster brother and best friend. He’s cute. And there’s really, honestly not that much more to him.

The romance:
((In the third book, Simon said that he thought their (Chloe and Derek’s) relationship had started shifting towards romance after the crawl space. I don’t agree))
So, Tori was kind of bitchy and knocked Chloe and left her in this creepy crawl space with some dead bodies (Tori didn’t know about the dead bodies) and Chloe accidently raised them and then Derek helped Chloe re-bury them.
I don’t think that this was when they started moving towards romance. This was when Chloe kind of realized that Derek was not a complete ASS.
I think they started moving towards romance during his first attempt to Change.
You know what I really like about this romance? The author took her sweet time developing it, so it seemed real. Another author might have had Chloe and Derek kissing at the end of the first book and most definitely there would have been making out in the second book (Not naming names, but TID). But not Kelley Armstrong. No. What she did was both a form of torture and a form of COMPLETE AWESOME.
What she did was she introduced Derek and Chloe, put them in a relationship, and then had them struggling with their relationship for the entire trilogy. At first, they really DIDN’T like each other. But they were both pretty smart (I loved the part in the first book where Chloe confronted Derek about the Damsel in Distress thing. She is so smart)
They’re both pretty selfless, Derek more so. And when Chloe’s selflessnesss made her do things that were, yes, stupid, and Derek came and gave her crap about it, we saw her at first not really knowing how to stand up to him, but as it continued happening, she went all like “You know what? You do pretty much the same thing, and you don’t get to give me crap about this.” And then they were equals and only THEN did the romance prat of their relationship start happening.
One thing that I really, REALLY love about Chloe was that, in the third book, when she knew she LIKED Derek and he gave her crap and then tried to make up, she was like, “No.” if I let you do this, then this is what our relationship will be like. You’ll give me crap whenever, because you’ll know that I won’t matter, but it does.”
Basically, Chloe is pretty damn amazing.

There were some things that I would have liked to have been explained better:
What happened with Rae escaping? I know we were told, but how? Why? Details, please?
What are Cabals? (That may have been explained, but I was reading at warp speed 7 yesterday and might have missed it)
Why did her necklace change colors? (This might have been explained, too, but I missed it if it was)
What about Kit Bae’s disappearance? What happened with/during that?
What are the implication of Chloe's Super-charged Necromancy? (And there MUST be implications. I know because of Margaret's reaction to Chloe's display of power, and when the demons came through and were talking about 'they' had "Done something wondrous" to her)
Also, what about Diriel? It was pretty much promised that there would be some future interaction with her. And the demon that came and got Diriel. It was pretty much promised that there would be some future interaction with him, too. 
And other things. I really wish that the other trilogy picked up where this one left off. I know it doesn’t, but at this point I’ll end up reading it anyway.

But, I can't complain. This was an amazing series, all around. I meant it when I said five stars.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!

So, (Hopefully for most of us) tonight a man in a red suit with a big white beard is going to come around and put presents under your Christmas tree. And tomorrow, you will open them. Whether you get what you asked for/want or not, Christmas is time of happiness. To get in the mood, here are a couple tidbits of Christmas cheer brought to you by Maximum Ride:

In book one, after getting into a fight with Erasers (Ari) Nudge observed:
‘Between the red blood and the green paint, they looked kind of Christmassy.’
See? Even Erasers are getting into the spirit!

In book seven (I think) after a café in Paris kinda-sorta (I think) got blown up, the following conversation took place:
‘Gazzy sniffer the air. “That’s explosives. It smells like Christmas!”
Okay, so we’ve had somewhat untraditional Christmases. With explosives.’

So, if you don’t get that one book that you had your heart set on tomorrow, always remember: Red-and-Green Erasers look Christmassy and at least it’s not explosives.  

See y’all on the other side!
(I PROBABLY won’t be posting anything at all tomorrow. But, you never know.)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mylan VS. Mang

Ahhh, yes.

So, just in case you have no idea what is going on in my life right now (which, of course, why would you? It’s not as though you actually KNOW me or anything, and my friends that I see EVERY DAY can’t keep up with me) I am reading Maximum Ride right now.

I finished Angel earlier this afternoon. 45 minutes ago. Not kidding. Then I stared at Nevermore for five minutes, trying to buck up the courage to open it. I had to text my friend who introduced me to maxride for support to help me open the book. And then start reading it.

So, to the point of this post. Mylan vs. Mang.

When we met Dylan in MAX, I was like “Who are you? WHO ARE YOU? Why are you here? What—What are you doing here? Go away.”
In FANG, I was like: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, MESSING WITH MY MANG? There is the door. Use it and GO AWAY."
Second half of ANGEL: Fang does what I was just begging him to do and calls Max. And what do I have but a sudden and complete change of heart: “FANG! GO AWAY! STOP MESSING WITH MY MYLAN! MAX! KISS DYLAN! NOW! MAX AND DYLAN! MYLAN!”

Yeah. That is what I did.

So, ever since that scene on the beach in book (two, I think) when Fang and Ari fought and afterwards Max Kissed Fang… you know the scene I’m talking about, right? Yeah, that one.
Well, ever since that one, I’ve been die-hard MANG. I WANTED Max and Fang to be together. So much.
For so long. Then it happened. Then everything fell apart. Then Fang left.
And I was hyperventilating. (I would’ve cried, except that I’m pretty sure that I used up the tear quota for my entire life in high school)
So, I was very, very, very, veeerrrryyyyy sad.

And then…

Okay, lets imagine Fang: he is a tower of darkness and he is hot and awesome and badass and amazing and we love him for it.
(Don’t try to tell me that you don’t love him for it. I’ll know you’re lying.)
And then, while we are staring at this lovely tower of darkness that is Fang, suddenly there appears a little bug. And it’s just blocking this little, itty bit of Fang. But we hate this bug, because it’s blocking our entire view of the tower.
This bug is Dylan. And we hate him.
But then… then the tower leaves the room of its own accord. And we want it back. And we blame the bug. And we beg the tower to come back. And it doesn’t! And then it does.
But, because the tower had been gone, the bug kind of grew and became it’s own tower. A tower of light.
What I’m trying to say is, we (I) couldn’t really SEE Dylan as a person until Fang had been there, left and then come back.
But, now that I have been able to SEE Dylan as a person, I have to say I like him better than any other character in the series.
Wait a minute, let me think…
Yeah. He’s my favorite character in the series.
There is no other character in the series that is NICE.
Dylan is NICE!
Let's have a quick breakdown of the rest of the characters in the series:
Max is a Bitch.
Fang is mean.
Iggy is sarcastic.
Nudge… okay, I can’t say anything bad about Nudge.
Gazzy is smelly and he plays with bombs.
Angel is creeptastic.
Jeb is… I don’t know what to say about Jeb.
Ari is DEAD! (This is me sobbing in a corner)
Ella is okay but for the most part uninteresting and doesn't seem to really have a point.
Dr. Martinez is cool for a vet.
And everyone else is, like, evil or not important enough to take into consideration.
So, if you had pick someone from this series to know as PERSON and, like, be friends with, who would you choose?
I’d choose Dylan. Cuz he’s nice.

Sorry, I just got really ranty.
That’s all I have to say. Unless you want me to go on for, like, five more pages.
Which you don’t.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reasons Why I’m Really Starting to Hate Barnes&

  1. When you want to buy books from the marketplace, it doesn’t really communicate what condition the books are in.
If anyone watched the book haul I did yesterday, then you will know that I got Angel by James Patterson from Barnes& I actually got it from B& marketplace. For, like, 20 cents (although it ended up being something like four dollars with shipping and handling)
Until I got it, however, I DID NOT KNOW that that particular copy of Angel was covered in gross library stickers. (Before I did the book haul, I took off the library stickers and the library covering, because I find those library coverings disgusting. Especially if it is a book that will live on my SHELF.)
If you watched the book haul I did yesterday, then you might have noticed, about halfway through, when I said I got Exile and Muse (by Rebecca Lim) because they weren’t on B&
In all fairness, you can’t buy them from either, but you can get them from the marketplace. You can’t on B& When you type in Exile by Rebecca Lim into the B&N search bar, it comes up with NOTHING. This kind of pissed me off.
  1. Most things are cheaper on
I feel this one is kind of self-explanatory.

So, those are the reasons why I’m starting to like Barnes& less and more.
Since I mentioned that Barnes&Noble was starting to annoy me in my book haul, I just felt compelled to explain why.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Haul for the past five-ish Months


(Sorry guys, I filmed this on my wimpy phone camera+I'm quiet, so you have to turn the volume way up.)
(I also don't know how to edit videos to make them pretty or make my face look less lame at the end. I apologize)

Books mentioned in video:
In August-
(1) Daughter of Spoke and Bone- (goodreads review)
(2) Nevermore by James Patterson
In September-
(3) Angel by James Patterson
(4) Mercy by Rebecca Lim- (goodreads review)
(5) Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore- (goodreads review)
(6) Exile by Rebecca Lim
(7) Muse by Rebecca Lim
(8) Birthmarked by Caragh M. O’Brien
(9) Prized by Caragh M. O’Brien
In October-
(10) Thirst by Christopher Pike- (goodreads review)
(11) The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater- (goodreads review)
(12) The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan- (goodreads review)
In November-
(13) Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi-(goodreads review)
(14) Insurgent by Veronica Roth- (goodreads review)
(15) Reached by Ally Condie- (goodreads review)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can You Get PTSD From Math?

Wow, it has been forEVAH since I posted. Sorry about that. Finals week and all. Very stressful.
Last Monday: I had part one of my philosophy final. I wasn’t worried about it.
Last Tuesday: Didn’t actually have any finals. I had review for math, and someone else did the final in public speaking (I actually did the final speech on December 4th)
I did have to finish writing a paper that had been due on Saturday. And a full draft of a paper due on Wednesday.
Last Wednesday: Part 2 of my Philosophy Final. Also, had to revise and turn in final paper for English class.
Last Thursday: Math review. Got grades back on final speech. I’d got a 66%. But it was cool, cuz waaay back in november before I did the speech, the teacher had calculated that unless I got anything less than a 56% I’d still have a B. plus, I did an extra credit essay and redid my impromptu speech and stuff.
Last Friday-this Monday: Studied for math a bit. Mostly lazed about.
Today: Went to school at 8 am.
            --interruption. I must tell you a story before I go on. Do y’all know what an IEP is? It’s the acronym for Individual Education Plan. That’s for those kids in high school who have disorders or other special things about them and as such, they get extra time on tests as things. I had one. When I got to college, I got the college equivalent of an IEP, which, in the case of my college is called an OASIS (Idk what it stands for). My OASIS includes extra time on tests. Though I rarely used extra time in High school and hadn’t so far in college, over the weekend, I was in communication with my math teacher about using that extended time. In order to use it, I had to take my test in the TESTING CENTER.
Back to Today: I arrived at school at, like, 7:30-ish. If I’d been taking my test in the classroom, it would’ve started at 8am. So I spent half an hour going over EVERTYHING I COULD to make sure I knew it. At 8, I stood up and walked twenty feet to the TESTING CENTER. There proclaimed a sign that said:
TESTING CENTER CLOSED FROM 8AM TO 11AM ON DEC 18. So I had three hours to kill. Did I study? Of course not. I read Maximum Ride.
At 10:55, I walked into the Testing Center and waited with ten other people to get signed in.
When it was my turn to get signed in, I stepped up to the desk.
Them: “May I see photo ID?”
Me: “Shit.”
I had not brought my wallet with me that day.
Me: “I don’t have it with me.”
Them: “Then you can’t take your test. You can go home and get it.”
Note: I do not have a driver’s license or permit, or, for that matter, a car. My brother (my ride) was taking his final at the time.
I went into full-on panic mode, calling mom and home screaming to the voicemail “SOMEONE PICK UP! FIND MY WALLET AND BRING IT TO ME!”
Them: “Or you can buy a student ID.”
Ahem. If I don’t have my REAL ID because I don’t have my WALLET with me, what makes you think I have money?
Plus, the ID cost 10 dollars, and even if I had my wallet with me I only have $7.78 to my name.
Them: “Or you could find your teacher and have him come down here and confirm your first and last name.”
Me: rushing around the school trying to find my math teacher.
Finally, thirty minutes later, I found my math teacher and had him come with me to the testing center so I could take my test.
After being in full-on panic mode to actually TAKE the test, when I started doing it, I wasn’t worried at all.
Three hours later I was finished with my test and emerged from the testing center.
At this point, I don’t really care what I got on it. When the grade comes back, I WILL care one way or the other, whether I passed or not.
But right now, I need to de-stress. Which means finishing Max (Maximum Ride book 5) tonight and rewatching all my favorite TVD episodes tomorrow

My grades, as they are right Now:
Public Speaking: No final grade yet, but I’m pretty sure I have a B
English: 71.55%. That’s a C, guys! Woot! I passed!
Philosophy: 97.3%. That’s an A. Super WOOT!
Math (without final test grade added in): 67.06%. Man, I really hope I passed that Final. 

((If you just read all of that, thanks. I know that n one really cares but me, least of all you. But, if you did reach the bottom of the post, I have a  treat for you:
Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Talking About TVD and other CW shows

Yokays, so I just got finished watch Beauty and the Beast and The Vampire Diaries again, and I gots some things to say.
Vampire Diaries: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Elena is really in love with Damon!
Mayday Parade, Speechless.
“Does this feel wrong?”
OMG, I was freaking out.
I’m so happy.
BandtheB: I totally knew that Cat’s mom had been part of the experiment. When Cat found that experimental stem cell research paper on, like, bio research or gentic splicing or something. I don’t know. But when Cat found that and asked Vincent if maybe her Mom was part of Muirfield? Vincent said no at the time, but it was then that I knew that Cat’s mom was definitely a part of Muirfeild. And then, after that the hints just kept on dropping, and I knew it.
And now it’s been confirmed and everything and it’s just so good to know I was right.

Also, is anyone else annoyed with mid-season finales? I mean, if it’s in the middle of the season, then it’s not a finale. And if it’s a finale, it’s not in the middle of the season. And who really wants a two month break in the middle of the season?
Answer: I, most definitely, do NOT.

2013 book challenge

Hey, y'all, so I have joined this here challenge:
I Kind of want to get to a Sweet Kiss (if I do, it will, in fact, be my FIRST kiss. (Wow, I just realized how lame I am that that is true))
Anyways, here is what is on my list:

Remember Me- Christopher Pike
Dark Secrets 1-4- Elizabeth Chandler
Before I Fall- Lauren Oliver
Riley Bloom (at least the first two)- Alyson Noel
Thirst #2- Christopher Pike
Meridian- Amber Kizer
Switched- Amanda Hocking
The Diamond of Darkhold- Jeanne Duprau
The End- Lemony Snicket
The Fire Ascending- Chris D’Lacey
Also, I am not totally clear on the rules and how bind-ups are counted. If you have three books in a bind-up, and you read the bind-up, does that count as three books or one?
If anyone knows, please tell me.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book giveaway

Hey, all you people who totally don’t read my blog because I have no Followers!
So, there is this book giveaway, over here at this blog:
It’s all epic 2013 book releases, and I really want all the books they have there, don’t you, my imaginary friends?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Host Movie Cast Comment Stuff

Hey, guys, so I’ve been on youtube and I have just seen the Host trailer for about… oh, say, the fourth time.
And then I was thinking: one of the characters in the book that I could envision most vividly was Sharon (Melanie’s cousin) and I wondered if she was going to be in the movie or if they’d cut the character like they did with Madge in the Hunger Games. So I went to check the full credited cast of the Host on IMBD. Guess what?
I looked, and Sharon wasn’t there.
This makes me mad because, as I said, I could envision Sharon’s character more vividly than any other character.
I imagined her as being really bad-ass in her facial shape and body, and I imagined her having really bright hair. Basically, I imagined her as a hybrid of these two actresses:
Ariana Grande and Sarah Carter:

If you put Ariana’s hair on Sarah’s head, you kind of have the vision in my head.
Actually, the perfect actress just occurred to me:
You know, now that she’s occurred to me, I just keep on thinking about how perfect Emma Stone would be as Sharon.