Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Can You Get PTSD From Math?

Wow, it has been forEVAH since I posted. Sorry about that. Finals week and all. Very stressful.
Last Monday: I had part one of my philosophy final. I wasn’t worried about it.
Last Tuesday: Didn’t actually have any finals. I had review for math, and someone else did the final in public speaking (I actually did the final speech on December 4th)
I did have to finish writing a paper that had been due on Saturday. And a full draft of a paper due on Wednesday.
Last Wednesday: Part 2 of my Philosophy Final. Also, had to revise and turn in final paper for English class.
Last Thursday: Math review. Got grades back on final speech. I’d got a 66%. But it was cool, cuz waaay back in november before I did the speech, the teacher had calculated that unless I got anything less than a 56% I’d still have a B. plus, I did an extra credit essay and redid my impromptu speech and stuff.
Last Friday-this Monday: Studied for math a bit. Mostly lazed about.
Today: Went to school at 8 am.
            --interruption. I must tell you a story before I go on. Do y’all know what an IEP is? It’s the acronym for Individual Education Plan. That’s for those kids in high school who have disorders or other special things about them and as such, they get extra time on tests as things. I had one. When I got to college, I got the college equivalent of an IEP, which, in the case of my college is called an OASIS (Idk what it stands for). My OASIS includes extra time on tests. Though I rarely used extra time in High school and hadn’t so far in college, over the weekend, I was in communication with my math teacher about using that extended time. In order to use it, I had to take my test in the TESTING CENTER.
Back to Today: I arrived at school at, like, 7:30-ish. If I’d been taking my test in the classroom, it would’ve started at 8am. So I spent half an hour going over EVERTYHING I COULD to make sure I knew it. At 8, I stood up and walked twenty feet to the TESTING CENTER. There proclaimed a sign that said:
TESTING CENTER CLOSED FROM 8AM TO 11AM ON DEC 18. So I had three hours to kill. Did I study? Of course not. I read Maximum Ride.
At 10:55, I walked into the Testing Center and waited with ten other people to get signed in.
When it was my turn to get signed in, I stepped up to the desk.
Them: “May I see photo ID?”
Me: “Shit.”
I had not brought my wallet with me that day.
Me: “I don’t have it with me.”
Them: “Then you can’t take your test. You can go home and get it.”
Note: I do not have a driver’s license or permit, or, for that matter, a car. My brother (my ride) was taking his final at the time.
I went into full-on panic mode, calling mom and home screaming to the voicemail “SOMEONE PICK UP! FIND MY WALLET AND BRING IT TO ME!”
Them: “Or you can buy a student ID.”
Ahem. If I don’t have my REAL ID because I don’t have my WALLET with me, what makes you think I have money?
Plus, the ID cost 10 dollars, and even if I had my wallet with me I only have $7.78 to my name.
Them: “Or you could find your teacher and have him come down here and confirm your first and last name.”
Me: rushing around the school trying to find my math teacher.
Finally, thirty minutes later, I found my math teacher and had him come with me to the testing center so I could take my test.
After being in full-on panic mode to actually TAKE the test, when I started doing it, I wasn’t worried at all.
Three hours later I was finished with my test and emerged from the testing center.
At this point, I don’t really care what I got on it. When the grade comes back, I WILL care one way or the other, whether I passed or not.
But right now, I need to de-stress. Which means finishing Max (Maximum Ride book 5) tonight and rewatching all my favorite TVD episodes tomorrow

My grades, as they are right Now:
Public Speaking: No final grade yet, but I’m pretty sure I have a B
English: 71.55%. That’s a C, guys! Woot! I passed!
Philosophy: 97.3%. That’s an A. Super WOOT!
Math (without final test grade added in): 67.06%. Man, I really hope I passed that Final. 

((If you just read all of that, thanks. I know that n one really cares but me, least of all you. But, if you did reach the bottom of the post, I have a  treat for you:
Enjoy, and thanks for reading!


  1. I'm a math girl (aced calc 1, 2, 3) and now I struggle to help my fifth grader with his math homework. Has my brain gone to mush or is it just a plain fact that normal people do not calculate the area of a ridiculous shaped something, what is that? a rhombus? Hope you passed your math final. (I'm new to your blog)

    1. Wow, thank you so much for reading that whole entire thing. And, I can't speak for everybody, but I don't like to calculate the areas of rhombus. Or trapezoids, which may be what you were trying to think of. But I'm not exactly you average cherry blossom, because I do read a book a day pretty much, and I know plenty of people who like math or reading.