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Darkest Powers: Overall Trilogy Review

5 stars. Totally.

**Warning: Contains spoilers and limited foul langauge

Chloe is the main protagonist, a film student, and a NECROMANCER. As in, not only can she TALK to dead people, but she can RAISE and CONTROL the DEAD. Is that cool or what?
Chloe is described by other characters in the series as TOO NICE. And she is. She is very selfless, and she has the want to HELP people. To PLEASE people.
This is kind of both her greatest strength and weakness, if you ask me.
I also like Chloe because towards the end, she grew into herself. When Derek gave her crap, she was like “No. I’m not taking this.” Which I really love.

Derek: Well, first of all, he’s a werewolf, so no matter what, he’s all right with me.
So, in the first book, he is one MAJOR JERKFACE.
There is a reason for this. The reason is very much similar to Will Herondale’s from the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. He thinks he’s a dangerous, so he doesn’t want to let anyone close. The circumstances from Will to Derek are different, but it’s still mostly the same reason

Tori: I really appreciate Tori’s character. She reminds quite a lot of Aphrodite from HoN. Like Aphrodite, Tori starts out as a real bitch, who’s only purpose seems to be to create tons of drama for the protagonist (Chloe). Also like Aphrodite, as the books continue and it’s is proven that the protagonists’ other friends can be flaky, Tori is fairly reliable and becomes Chloe’s most trusted confidant. Also like Aphrodite, Tori’s mother hates her. Ah, parallels.

Simon: Eh… I really wish I had tons to say about Simon. He’s nice. He’s trustworthy. He’s loyal. He’s determined. He’s Derek’s foster brother and best friend. He’s cute. And there’s really, honestly not that much more to him.

The romance:
((In the third book, Simon said that he thought their (Chloe and Derek’s) relationship had started shifting towards romance after the crawl space. I don’t agree))
So, Tori was kind of bitchy and knocked Chloe and left her in this creepy crawl space with some dead bodies (Tori didn’t know about the dead bodies) and Chloe accidently raised them and then Derek helped Chloe re-bury them.
I don’t think that this was when they started moving towards romance. This was when Chloe kind of realized that Derek was not a complete ASS.
I think they started moving towards romance during his first attempt to Change.
You know what I really like about this romance? The author took her sweet time developing it, so it seemed real. Another author might have had Chloe and Derek kissing at the end of the first book and most definitely there would have been making out in the second book (Not naming names, but TID). But not Kelley Armstrong. No. What she did was both a form of torture and a form of COMPLETE AWESOME.
What she did was she introduced Derek and Chloe, put them in a relationship, and then had them struggling with their relationship for the entire trilogy. At first, they really DIDN’T like each other. But they were both pretty smart (I loved the part in the first book where Chloe confronted Derek about the Damsel in Distress thing. She is so smart)
They’re both pretty selfless, Derek more so. And when Chloe’s selflessnesss made her do things that were, yes, stupid, and Derek came and gave her crap about it, we saw her at first not really knowing how to stand up to him, but as it continued happening, she went all like “You know what? You do pretty much the same thing, and you don’t get to give me crap about this.” And then they were equals and only THEN did the romance prat of their relationship start happening.
One thing that I really, REALLY love about Chloe was that, in the third book, when she knew she LIKED Derek and he gave her crap and then tried to make up, she was like, “No.” if I let you do this, then this is what our relationship will be like. You’ll give me crap whenever, because you’ll know that I won’t matter, but it does.”
Basically, Chloe is pretty damn amazing.

There were some things that I would have liked to have been explained better:
What happened with Rae escaping? I know we were told, but how? Why? Details, please?
What are Cabals? (That may have been explained, but I was reading at warp speed 7 yesterday and might have missed it)
Why did her necklace change colors? (This might have been explained, too, but I missed it if it was)
What about Kit Bae’s disappearance? What happened with/during that?
What are the implication of Chloe's Super-charged Necromancy? (And there MUST be implications. I know because of Margaret's reaction to Chloe's display of power, and when the demons came through and were talking about 'they' had "Done something wondrous" to her)
Also, what about Diriel? It was pretty much promised that there would be some future interaction with her. And the demon that came and got Diriel. It was pretty much promised that there would be some future interaction with him, too. 
And other things. I really wish that the other trilogy picked up where this one left off. I know it doesn’t, but at this point I’ll end up reading it anyway.

But, I can't complain. This was an amazing series, all around. I meant it when I said five stars.

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