Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mylan VS. Mang

Ahhh, yes.

So, just in case you have no idea what is going on in my life right now (which, of course, why would you? It’s not as though you actually KNOW me or anything, and my friends that I see EVERY DAY can’t keep up with me) I am reading Maximum Ride right now.

I finished Angel earlier this afternoon. 45 minutes ago. Not kidding. Then I stared at Nevermore for five minutes, trying to buck up the courage to open it. I had to text my friend who introduced me to maxride for support to help me open the book. And then start reading it.

So, to the point of this post. Mylan vs. Mang.

When we met Dylan in MAX, I was like “Who are you? WHO ARE YOU? Why are you here? What—What are you doing here? Go away.”
In FANG, I was like: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, MESSING WITH MY MANG? There is the door. Use it and GO AWAY."
Second half of ANGEL: Fang does what I was just begging him to do and calls Max. And what do I have but a sudden and complete change of heart: “FANG! GO AWAY! STOP MESSING WITH MY MYLAN! MAX! KISS DYLAN! NOW! MAX AND DYLAN! MYLAN!”

Yeah. That is what I did.

So, ever since that scene on the beach in book (two, I think) when Fang and Ari fought and afterwards Max Kissed Fang… you know the scene I’m talking about, right? Yeah, that one.
Well, ever since that one, I’ve been die-hard MANG. I WANTED Max and Fang to be together. So much.
For so long. Then it happened. Then everything fell apart. Then Fang left.
And I was hyperventilating. (I would’ve cried, except that I’m pretty sure that I used up the tear quota for my entire life in high school)
So, I was very, very, very, veeerrrryyyyy sad.

And then…

Okay, lets imagine Fang: he is a tower of darkness and he is hot and awesome and badass and amazing and we love him for it.
(Don’t try to tell me that you don’t love him for it. I’ll know you’re lying.)
And then, while we are staring at this lovely tower of darkness that is Fang, suddenly there appears a little bug. And it’s just blocking this little, itty bit of Fang. But we hate this bug, because it’s blocking our entire view of the tower.
This bug is Dylan. And we hate him.
But then… then the tower leaves the room of its own accord. And we want it back. And we blame the bug. And we beg the tower to come back. And it doesn’t! And then it does.
But, because the tower had been gone, the bug kind of grew and became it’s own tower. A tower of light.
What I’m trying to say is, we (I) couldn’t really SEE Dylan as a person until Fang had been there, left and then come back.
But, now that I have been able to SEE Dylan as a person, I have to say I like him better than any other character in the series.
Wait a minute, let me think…
Yeah. He’s my favorite character in the series.
There is no other character in the series that is NICE.
Dylan is NICE!
Let's have a quick breakdown of the rest of the characters in the series:
Max is a Bitch.
Fang is mean.
Iggy is sarcastic.
Nudge… okay, I can’t say anything bad about Nudge.
Gazzy is smelly and he plays with bombs.
Angel is creeptastic.
Jeb is… I don’t know what to say about Jeb.
Ari is DEAD! (This is me sobbing in a corner)
Ella is okay but for the most part uninteresting and doesn't seem to really have a point.
Dr. Martinez is cool for a vet.
And everyone else is, like, evil or not important enough to take into consideration.
So, if you had pick someone from this series to know as PERSON and, like, be friends with, who would you choose?
I’d choose Dylan. Cuz he’s nice.

Sorry, I just got really ranty.
That’s all I have to say. Unless you want me to go on for, like, five more pages.
Which you don’t.

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