Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Host Movie Cast Comment Stuff

Hey, guys, so I’ve been on youtube and I have just seen the Host trailer for about… oh, say, the fourth time.
And then I was thinking: one of the characters in the book that I could envision most vividly was Sharon (Melanie’s cousin) and I wondered if she was going to be in the movie or if they’d cut the character like they did with Madge in the Hunger Games. So I went to check the full credited cast of the Host on IMBD. Guess what?
I looked, and Sharon wasn’t there.
This makes me mad because, as I said, I could envision Sharon’s character more vividly than any other character.
I imagined her as being really bad-ass in her facial shape and body, and I imagined her having really bright hair. Basically, I imagined her as a hybrid of these two actresses:
Ariana Grande and Sarah Carter:

If you put Ariana’s hair on Sarah’s head, you kind of have the vision in my head.
Actually, the perfect actress just occurred to me:
You know, now that she’s occurred to me, I just keep on thinking about how perfect Emma Stone would be as Sharon.

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