Tuesday, January 8, 2013

13 Things I'm Going to Do in 2013

2012 was the year that the world was allegedly going to end. It didn’t and I’m glad, but life is short. Who knows how long you or I or anything is going to be around? Truth is, it could all end any time, abruptly.
I’ve never been big into New Years Resolutions, but I’m trying it this year, and hopefully anyone who’s reading my blog will keep me on track.

  1. Don’t get fatter. My weight usually wavers between 135 and 145 pounds. So I’m usually only about 10 to 20 pounds overweight. I’d really like to NOT get any Fatter.
  2. Lose weight. If I could get the point where my weight is wavering between 125 and 135, I’d be golden.
  3. Polish a finished manuscript. Last year during the summer months, I wrote a story. It’s a good story, and I sent it to three people for critique. Two of those people have been taking their sweet time getting back to me with their thoughts, and I’m going to nag them until they get back at me, and then send it to two more people and edit it throughout this process.
  4. Once my manuscript is polished, query at least one agent. I’m never going to get published if I don’t do this, so why not start now?
  5. Break up with my current critique partner. If I’m being really honest, she hasn’t been critiquing my stories well (at all) for the past two years. It’s time to end things and find someone who will ask questions and give insights about my stories.
  6. Find a new critique partner. Someone who will put up with my craziness, doesn’t mind getting stories chapter by chapter, sometimes weeks in between chapters, and will respond to all my emails within a week of my sending them.
  7. Have my first kiss. How can I expect to write believable kissing scenes when I’ve ever actually experienced the real thing? And no, my experience in the third grade DOESN’T count.
  8. Get a boyfriend. Why stop at kissing? I want the whole experience. I'm eighteen, for gods’ sakes, and I have never had a boyfriend. Because no one’s ever asked me out. Maybe I outta take the initiative and make the first move. Hey, I did it that one time in the third grade.
  9. Cut my hair (to shoulder length). My hair has not been shorter than shoulder length since it grew past my shoulders. When I was younger, (like, seven) I had two unfortunate experiences in which I got a haircut from my brother and exchanged haircuts with my cousin. My mom was mad at me when brother to cut my hair, and when my cousin and I exchanged haircuts, both my AND my cousins’ mom were mad at me (It was my idea both times). And then I saw the Disney movie Pocahontas and decided I wanted my hair to be as long as hers before I cut it again. If I’m being completely honest with myself, it’s been that long for three years. I need a change.
  10. Get a job. I want money. I think that’s explanation enough.
  11. Go to comic-con. This really probably isn’t going to happen, unless I decide to settle for the local comic-con as opposed to the San Diego one.
  12. Get my driver’s license. I got my permit in December and have driven on the road once since then. I was scared out of my mind. I need to get myself together, because I can’t be having people, be it my parents, brother or friends, chauffer me around for the rest of my life.
  13. Do something amazing. I know this isn’t really specific, but it’s not supposed to be. I just hope that at some point this year, I get a chance to do something spur-of-the-moment, that is amazing. Helpful, nice, cool. Maybe I’ll win a writing contest, or get a book deal (Yeah, right). Maybe I’ll take some homeless guy out for dinner, donate all my clothes to charity. Convince my parents to let me go on a road trip with my friends. I just want to do something AMAZING.

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