Thursday, January 17, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Okay, so I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. Cool, huh? I’m not sure why…
But I’m going to go with it.
Anyways, there seem to be some rules for getting nominated. The rules are these:
1. Thank your Liebster Award presenter and link back to them in your own post.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by your presenter, state 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees.
3. Present the Liebster Award to 11 bloggers who you think deserve the award with under 200 followers and leave a comment on their blog telling them that you nominated them.
4. Copy and Paste the award on your blog

So, I’m going to thank Estefania from Bookaholic Corner for nominating me for this. Here is her post:

Here are my answers to the questions she asked me:
1.      What was the book that got you to fall in love with reading?
Um… I’m not sure that question has an answer. I’ve always loved reading. The first book I ever remember reading was one of those five steps to reading books. I’m pretty sure it was step 2 or 3 and was about Barbie going on a spy mission or something like that.
2.      What's a book you decided to read by judging it's cover?
Fallen by Lauren Kate. The cover was amazing, and that was the reason I bought it.
3.      What 's a book that you read, but did not like?
I don’t often NOT like books… but Need by Carrie Jones
4.      What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who won’t hear others’ (but especially my) opinions.
5.      Have any funny jokes you wanna share?
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
The doctor.
Doctor Who?
6.      What other hobbies do you have, other than reading?
Listening to music. Watching TV. Writing my own stories.
7.      What book are you currently reading?
Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
8.      What is your favorite book?
You can’t ask me this question! Asking me this question is like asking me to choose a favorite puppy out of all the puppies in the world!
9.      If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
France. Or Belgium (for the chocolate).
10.  What have you always wanted to do in your life, but haven't done yet?
Publish a book of my own. And I’m working on it, I swear!
11.  Why did you decide to start a blog?
Because I wanted to meet other people who love the same things I do. Books and European female-fronted gothic rock bands.

11 random facts about me:
1. I am addicted to goldfish.
2. Even though I’m in college now, I wish I was still in high school.
3. I can speak about five words in Korean
4. I know how to ask where the toilet is in Japanese
5. I took French for five years and can’t only remember about ten things, and only when I think REALLY hard.
6. I have a rare copper disorder.
7. I know (as in have actually net this person in REAL LIFE, not on the internet) someone from Romania.
8. I had a hamster. He lived for two years and nine months, which is REALLY old for a hamster.
9. I love Doctor Who, but can’t watch it often because everyone in my family hates it.
10. When I was really little and every other girl wanted to grow up ad be a princess, I wanted to grow up and be an assassin. (Now, before you make that face, I thought it would be cool. I STILL think assassins are cool, I’m just not cut out to be one.)
11. I enjoy writing stories in which my characters have traumatic pasts. Like, they watched their parents die. That’s been the most popular one for my past several stories.

Now I haven't been blogging for very long… about four months. I only starting following and looking at OTHER peoples bogs about two months, so finding 11 people (who Haven’t already been nominated AND have under 200 followers) took some doing, but here it is:
((And with some of them, I couldn’t figure out how to tell if they have less than 200 followers, so if any of them/you have over 200 followers, forgive me)
Alex at
Emily at
Sophia at
Kiki at
Caitlyn at
Stephanie at
JennyJen at
And Goldie at
Judith at
Cynthia at

My questions for them are:

1. What is your favorite food?

2. What is your favorite band?

3. If you can’t answer that question because you have too many, then what is your favorite genre of music?

4. Have you ever dog-eared a book in your life? Be honest, now.

5. Have you ever really HATED someone? As in, not that person annoys me, but I REALLY hate that person?

6. Peanut butter: Do you like crunchy or creamy better? (if you’re allergic, please don’t be offended by this question)

7. Has there ever been a book you didn’t want to read or didn’t think about reading but then you saw the movie and decided to read it? If so, which book&movie?

8. Which do you prefer: Barnes and or

9. How long have you been reading? Since High School, Middle School, or before you can remember (or other specified time frame)?

10. Do you have a favorite TV show or Movie?

11. The Vampire Academy (by Richelle Mead): Dimitri or Adrian?

To end this post, I just have a random comment: does this whole idea of the Liebster Blog Award seem self-perpetuating to anyone else? I mean, every person who’s nominated has to nominate 11 people with less than 200 followers… what if we run out of bloggers with less than 200 followers? What then?
Just my mind musing. Just ignore it.

Wow, I totally just realized I forgot to copy and paste the award onto my blog post. Here it is:


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me! :) I haven't 'participated' in any blogging awards yet, but I feel very honored! I see that you're currently reading Beautiful Creatures. I hope you like it! I couldn't get through it, but I've heard great things from others.

  2. Thank you for nominating! Apparently I've already been nominated (multiple times actually) but thank you all the same! :)

    1. Sorry. I really tried to check and make sure not to re-nominate people.