Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Problem with Goodreads

Hey, y’all. So, I haven’t done a non-meme post in… quite a while. So I’m just gonna talk about something that has been percolating in my brain.
The PROBLEM with Goodreads.
I know, you love goodreads, and I love goodreads. We all love goodreads. But it does have it’s flaws.
The one I’m going to talk about is THE PEOPLE THAT USE IT.
Understand, I’m not talking about EVERYONE who uses goodreads. Just a few, select people.
What do these few, select people do?
And see, goodreads has this thing, where you can go like this: <spoiler> </spoiler> and if you put your spoiler between those things, OTHER PEOPLE DON’T HAVE TO SEE IT IF THEY DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED.
This topic has been in my brain since February. I joined a group specifically to ask Lauren DeStefano questions, and I asked my question, then started scrolling through, looking at other peoples questions. In hindsight, that was a bad idea, and I usually don’t do that for just this reason.
Someone’s questions contained a HUGE spoiler for the third book, Sever. At that point, I had not even procured that book yet, and when I saw that spoiler, it made me just… GRRRRR.
I did buy the book, and even now, it sits on my shelf, taunting me.
I will try to wait until I have forgotten that spoiler before reading the book, but, sadly, owning the book, the longest I’ll be able to wait is 6-9 months, tops. And the emotion I felt in relation to the spoiler, the anger, stamped it into mind pretty solidly.
The topic resurfaced in my mind this week, this very week.
See, I got the Clockwork Princess about 3 and a half weeks ago, at this point. About two weeks ago, I was watching a booktuber who said that one of her friends had warned her about a spoiler on the DUST JACKET of the Clockwork Princess. Knowing that I, knowing about the spoiler, would not be able to resist looking at it, I WENT TO THE TROUBLE TO REMMOVE THE DUST JACKET FORM THE BOOK AND GIVE IT TO A FRIEND. I had my Friend take the Dust Jacket TO HER HOME, where I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO LOOK AT IT. All so I wouldn’t be spoiled. After doing all that, SO I WOULD NOT SPOIL MYSELF, imagine my intense anger, when, just casually reading a TMI/TID discussion on Goodreads, someone spoiled THE EXACT SPOILER THAT WAS ON THE DUST JACKET THAT I WENT TO THAT MUCH TROUBLE TO AVOID.
Seriously, someone needs to get on this.
I’ll just show everybody what they look like again:
<spoiler> </spoiler>
They’re not hard to type. Really, I promise. It took me three seconds to do that, and I type with seven fingers, not ten.  

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