Friday, May 24, 2013

Artists I’ve Been Obsessed With this Week #1

Hey, this a little something I’m going to host on my blog every week or two (whenever I spend a week obsessing over a new artist or two) just to get my musical obsessions out into the world as well as my book obsessions.

Basically, if during any given week I obsess over a particular musical artist or two, that Friday I will put up a post like this one in which I talk about that artist and one or two songs I really like by them, why, and link you to youtube videos and possibly iTunes links.


So, the two artists and songs I’ve really been obsessing over this week are:


Three Years Hollow: Chemical Ride

I was obsessed with this one earlier in the week, and I’m re-listening to it to write this post. The tune is really good and catchy, and though my younger brother doesn’t like it because he’s thinks it’s about drugs, if you watch the music video, it’s much more than that.

Watch the vid! Obsess over this amazing song with me! Click replay a thousand times!!!


Beth Crowley: Warrior

This song is inspired by the Mortal Instruments series, and how cool is that? Plus, the music is really good and I love her voice!

So go check out the video, and remember to like it! Click replay as many times as you want! (god knows I’ve listened to this song at least 30 times in the last three days)

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