Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TTT #19

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme is Top Ten Freebie, and since I’m unimaginative, I went and looked at past Top Tens (like, from before I was blogging) for inspiration. And I found that they’d done a Top Ten about Top Ten literary characters they’d name their children after.
It just so happens that I have several names picked out for children I may or may not have, and many of those names have the names of characters incorporated in them!

So, I have four girl names and four boy names. I’ll alternate between them.

  1. Rachel Irena: This is my first choice for a girl name, so the first baby girl I have WILL be named this. Rachel is a character in the Animorphs series, which is a favorite from my childhood. And from High school (twice). And the summer before college. And probably later in life, too. Animorphs is one of those series that, even though its for little kids, you keep coming back to it as you get older. A lot of people don’t get through it, because it’s a big series, but if you get through the whole thing… Anyways, Rachel is one of my favorite characters from the series. She has a dark side that she has to struggle with throughout the entire series. And even though all six of the main characters had their own personal, intense struggles, Rachel’s really connected with me. I feel she had to be stronger than the other characters, because the other characters didn’t have to go through what Rachel had to. Rachel was violent and bloodthirsty, often described as the darkest character in the series, the one most likely to turn bad, but she got through it, and I think that took a really strong kind of strength. (the middle name, Irena, is more of a family name)
  2. Tobias Iago: Tobias is my other favorite character from the Animorphs series (yes, I really liked that series). Tobias, unlike Rachel, was not naturally violent, but his life circumstances forced him to become harsher than he would’ve been. His life (before the Animorphs) really touched me, and how he pieced his family history together over the course of the series was really powerful. Also, like Rachel, he had a certain kind of strength that I really appreciated. And the middle name, Iago, comes from the villain in Shakespeare’s Othello, which is my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays (though I haven’t read them all). And I appreciate a good villain, and I thought Iago was rally well developed.
  3. Jasmine Faye: The name Jasmine comes from another favorite childhood series of mine, Deltora Quest. When Jasmine was really little her parents, uh, disappeared. And she was left alone living in a sort of vicious, unforgiving forest, and she survived. And then, when the other two character show up and she meets them, originally intending to steal from them but ends up trusting them and helping them instead, that took a sort of strength. And Faye is another sorta family name.
  4. Ari Thomas: the name Ari has been in a couple series that I’ve read, but the specific series I’m thinking of is Maximum Ride. Throughout the entirety of that series, I was on Ari’s side, sympathizing with him and feeling sorry for him. (Okay, maybe not the FIRST time I read the FIRST book, but every single reread I was on his side). And when… what happened to him happened to him, it broke my heart a little. He was kind of always like a little kid, and I could never not feel sorry for, not want to protect him or change what happened to him. I got the name Thomas from another fave childhood series, the Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce. Thom was the main character’s twin brother, and he was a little… ambitious, selfish, cold. At one point in the series another character described him as a real ‘piece of work.’ He did some really bad, deplorable things, but he came through in the end.
  5. Joy America: This name is actually not bookishly-inspired at all, so I’m gonna skip talking about it.
  6. Simon Christopher: Simon. Wow, there so many characters named Simon. That nerd from TMI, the guy from the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, there’s a character named Simon in the Demon Trappers Daughter, the jealous older brother that kinda turns evil in Septimus Heap… wow, tons of Simons. I can’t really explain which Simon I’m basing this name off of, other than I just really like the name Simon. And then there’s the name Christopher, which is also pretty common. Right now, though, I’m thinking of Christopher aka ‘Kit’ from Team Human because I liked the character.
  7. Emilia Lovelace: I told you I liked Othello, right? Because I’m getting the Emilia here from Othello. And the name Emilia also means to strive or excel, which is something I hope my children will do. And Lovelace, as some of you may know, is Jessamine's from TID by Cassandra Clare last name. I'm choosing this name because, 1, it is lovely, and 2, I do think Jessamine's character was important and deep and intense, and she had a purpose, and she grew from her first appearance to her last.
  8. Sebastian Derek: Like Simon, there’s a lot of Sebastians in literature. Also like Simon, I just like the name. And then Derek. I’m thinking of two Dereks from books: Derek Novak from A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest (one of my favorite books of the year) and Derek Bae from the Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. I liked both characters for different reasons, but both possessed one of those unusual but specific kinds of strengths I tend to like. Also, I like the name.

Keep in mind, I don’t actually PLAN to have eight children. Like, I want two or three, but I’m pretty sure four would be, like, the limit. But I might have all girls and no boys or all boys and no girls and I just want to be prepared, you know?
And no, my future husband will have no influence over these names. HE does not get to change them. AT ALL. :)

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  1. I love your list!!! The only name I would ever consider naming my kid is Finley. It is probably the only name I like! LOL! Anyhow love the names and the reasons you gave! Nice job!