Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So, some of you may or may not know, but I live Colorado. And some of you may or may not have heard that right now, there are a number of fires going on in Colorado. Last summer we had the Waldo Canyon fire, which was big and scary and lasted for a long time, and was pretty far away from my house. This year, one of the various fires going on as I type this, the Black Forest fire is VERY close to my house. My house isn’t within one of the evac areas, but if the winds blow the fire east, that might change. And that’s scary. That’s my HOUSE. That’s where I’ve lived since I was, like, three. That’s where MY WHOLE LIFE has taken place. And, when I think about… about it burning down, not being there anymore… about having nowhere to go to… it’s really scary. And I don’t want to think that it might happen. I want to close my eyes then open and have it all have been a big prank or something.
I want the fire to be put out.
I know people who live in or close to Black Forest (closer than me, that is). I’ve been trying to talk to all my friends and make sure that they’re okay, but I don’t have all their phone numbers and everything. I
M scared for my friends. I’m scared for my friends houses, I’m scared for my house.
And I’m scared for me.
I’m just…scared. Because it is scary.
So here’s me, hoping and praying that my friends and their houses are all right.
Here’s me, hoping and praying that my house stays safe.
Here’s me, hoping and praying that the firefighters will be able to put out the fire.
Here’s me, hoping and praying that everything will turn out okay.

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