Friday, August 2, 2013


Hey, y’all. So, I recently subscribed to and started watching Epic Reads on Youtube, and in their latest teatime, they were talking about ‘Womances’ in YA and they asked for a couple things.
1)      a better name for ‘Womance’ than Womance
Which, I, unfortunately, have been unable to think of.
2)      A list of ‘Womances’ in YA.
Which I was able to come up with. So, I looked at all the books on my shelves and thought of which ones had Womances, and I have compiled a list. Here it is:

Womances that may be more front-and-center than the romance:
Lucid: Sloane and Maggie (Not sure if this actually counts cuz they’re sorta the same person?)
Burn for Burn: Kat, Lillia and Mary
Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty: Geena and Amber and Hero
Team Human: Mel and Cathy
Killer Unicorns: Astrid and Philippa (But they’re cousins. Does this still count?)
Twenty Boy Summer: Anna and Frankie
Vampire Academy/Bloodlines: Rose and Lissa/Rose and Sydney
Womances that may take a backseat to the romance:
The Host: Wanda and Melanie
The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Meredith
Hush, Hush: Nora and Vee
Velveteen: Velvet and Luisa
Obsidian: Katy and Dee
Goddess Test: Kate and Ava
Fallen: Luce and Arianne
Maximum Ride: Max and Angel/Max and Ella
Cinder: Cinder and Iko (Iko’s a robot. Does this still count?)
House of Night: Zoey and Stevie Rae/Zoey and Aphrodite

And other books that might have good Womances (but I haven’t read recently enough to say for sure)
Gemma Doyle trilogy
Prophecy of the Sisters

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