Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This Week on the CW (althoguh, technically, last week at this point)

Since over half the shows I watch are on the CW, I figured I would do this at the end of every week or so and some up my thoughts on the weeks episodes.
So, let us begin.

The Original aka Backstory Heaven
Is it shameless that I’m liking this show MORE than TVD?
If I liked the first two episodes of the Originals (And believe me, I did) then this was the most amazing thing to ever meet my brain.
Point 1: Unsmartness. Somewhere towards the beginning of this ep, one of the witches was planning to take Hayley out to the bayou for some sort of pregnancy appointment. Hayley resisted, as well she should. The witch reassured Hayley that they’d be safe from vampires because they’d after dark.
EXCUSE ME? WHAT? Did I ACTUALLY just hear you say that? And THEN Hayley decided to go?
I promptly shouted at the TV: “Yes, that is an excellent idea! Go after dark to try avoid all the vampires (that only come out at night) that are trying to kill you. Because that sounds smart.” Which I repeated variations of about five times as the whole thing went down. When something else happened, I mellowed out a little, but went on to say: “Well, it wasn’t even really a good idea before that happened.”
Ok, so point 1 was bad. I was slightly disappointed in the intelligence of the characters. But…
Point 2: Backstory heaven. One of the things that I has annoyed me for the past two episodes is “What the hell is up with Cami?”
Yes, just a bartender. Just a psychology major. I know. But there have just been some things, some tiny hints: like Marcel’s reaction when Rebekah threatened her. IT just seemed… too extreme. Like, MArcle wouldn’t care that much unless there was some history there.
And guess what? There IS some history there! This episode, we found out that Cami’s brother went on a murder-suicide spree several years ago at the church wherein Davina lives in the attic. Later in the episode, Cami hypothesized that maybe a vampire compelled her brother into doing it. Where other, saner people than I will wait for something like evidence, my mind is now whirring with possiblities, coming up with al the reasons why and ways how Marcel may have indirectly, perhaps (but not likely) inadvertently caused Cami’s brother’s death. (that was a strange sentence. Roll with it.)
Point 3: Davina. I am REALLY liking Davina. The first and only other time I have seen Danielle Campbell act is in that Disney movie, Starstruck (which I quite enjoyed). One considers, The CW is a step up from Disney. And moreover, she’s AMAZING. I am loving her acting. (I know in this episode everyone is paying more attention to the acting between Joseph Morgan and Leah Pipes, whish was amazing, but I think Danielle Campbell deserves her cred where it is due. And it IS due.
Reign aka Ghost in the Castle
On the subject of Reign… last weeks episode, ep 101 was VERY good. I told most everyone I knew that Reign was amazing.
This week’s episode was a vast improvement.
Last week, we were introduced to a great many characters, the least of which not being Mary, Francis, Bash, Lola, Kenna, Gria, Natalia, The King, Queen Catherine, Nostradamus, etc.
Catherine and Nostradamus were quickly cast as the villains.
Lola had quite a bit of character development.
And we jumped right into forming a nice little romance between Mary and Francis, and started forging the LOVE TRINGLE with Bash.
(Note: Before I even started watching this show, I knew I was going to love Bash.)
Oh, and did I mention there’s a Ghost in the castle?
That was last week. I quite enjoyed it.
This week, the Romance and love triangle were further developed,
After last weeks ep, I said “I really hope they do something with both Kenna and Natalia.” See, Kenna and Natalia have both been set up to become mistresses, and there is so much potential in characters like that. Backstory and motivation are two things that are VERY important to such characters.
And we got quite a bit of development for Kenna. Unfortunately, Natalia was nowhere to be seen.
There was a big scare when the English came ashore. I sort of had a panic moment.
Oh, and we saw Francis’ little brother get engaged. That was very sweet.
Oh, and the Ghost has a name! Clarissa.
In short, right now there’s lots of set up going on, but I’m enjoying it. Moreover, I’m excited to see where this goes.

Beauty and the Beast aka Making with the Badass
Okay. On Beauty and the Beast. Beginning of this season they threw in the most cliché plot twist in the book.
Oh, no, Vincent lost his memory!
This would not have annoyed me so much, except… that later the very same week, Stefan on TVD lost his memory too. Overload on the cliché, CW. Shameful. Just shameful.
But that’s a thing now. It’s been there for a couple episodes and I can deal.
Especially because this episode made with the BADASS.
I loved how empowered Cat was in this episode! I mean, she’s usually sort of docile or gentle, especially around Vincent, especially since he’s lost his memory.
But new, amnesiac, sort-of-shifty Vincent made a BAD mistake, which made Cat break out the big guns.
There was talking, there was death, there was people trying to figure out about the death, there was MAJOR clash of interests.
Cat was investigating the death. Vincent was supposed to get the guy who did it.
What happened? Cat decided to use her relationship with Vincent to figure out what HE knew, so she could go after the guy too.
Vincent made that BAAAD mistake.
The art gallery scene thing—loved it. “This is the nicest interrogation room I’ve ever been in.” the inflections in that line, man! I love Kristin Kreuk’s acting in this episode.
Also, Gabe. Gabe. It’s so obvious.
And Tess! I lurved Tess in this ep!
Anyway, back to Cat and V—
They ended up working together quite nicely actually, I thought.
And then—then, V remembered stuff! It was so cool.
But, as Cat told him, lying even once changes the whole dynamic of the relationship.
Speaking of, I appreciate the feasibility of how they got rid of Heather. I knew that Heath would have to be leaving, since Nicole Anderson is going to be main cast of Ravenswood (Which I will not be watching… I want to, I just don’t have time. I’ll wait for the dvds.) But I loved how the reason was just so normal and reasonable, especially being amidst all the scifi conspiracy in this show.

The Vampire Diaries aka The Witch is Dead
Yes, it finally came out. Bonnie is dead. She has been dead for three months. I’m over it, but the rest of the cast isn’t.
Also, I’m not sure that I quite understand the importance of Jeremy actually saying, “Bonnie is dead.” He straight up told Damon the Bonnie was dead and then both Damon AND Bonnie were shouting at him: “Don’t say it! Don’t say it!” And then he said it: “Bonnie’s dead.” And this somehow changed what we already knew. #confusion
Caroline. I’ll put this out there: I want Stefan to end up alone. I am Delena and I am Klaroline. There’s no else there for Stefan to date, really.
(On the subject of Klaroline… I’m sort of hoping that Caroline leaves TVD next season or something and goes over to the Originals for that to happen)
Also, Tyler, WTFhgkkdds!?!z! Tyler is NOT a character! He hasn’t been on the show like a season and a half! HE cannot keep on showing up out of the blue every ten episodes!!! He’s keeping Caroline from moving on!
Next up is Matt! I am loving this plotline. It’s mysterious and creepy and I love it. Plus, gypsies—oops, Travelers—are always fun. Anyone seen Buffy?
Overall, Delena is still happening, the plot is eveolving and I’m interested. Though I miss the Originals (characters). They added such an ambiance to the show.

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