Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Book Thief—things

So, the Book Thief came out a short time ago.
I REALLY want to see it!!!!!!!
Because, it just, it looks so good. Like, they actually have accents good.
Of course, that’s not the only thing that looks good about it.
Anyway, I want to see it, and I bet you do too.
In the meantime, while I try to scrounge up the money so I can go see it, here are some things to tide us over:

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mistakes. Many, Many Mistakes. (NaNo Post Day 22)

Earlier today, I promised a NaNo post coming up later. And here it is.

I have been failing. Not only at the daily-blog-post thing, but also, you know, actual NaNoWriMo.

The thing is, I just HATE my story right now. I DON’T want to go and write it, because writing it brings me no joy. It’s just… it’s not going well.

I had an outline. I wrote the outline several months ago, though, like somewhere between June and August. But I had an outline. And I didn’t bother to even really look at it before starting NaNo.
This was my first mistake.

In the months since I’d written the outline, the way I’d thought about my story had changed. I didn’t even realize it until I was about a week in, and it was time for my Main Character and my Main Love Interest to meet. I wanted them to meet differently than I’d outlines, but I felt I had to follow my outline. So I did.
This was my second mistake.

I realized if I continued following my outline, I would never reach 50,000 words, so in week two, I started taking some detours and doing things I wanted to do in my story. Which was good for me. but when I started detouring from my detours things got complicated, and now that I need to get back to my outline so I can wrap things up, I find that I can’t. So, though the detours were good for me, they weren’t particularly for my story.
This was my third mistake.

Like I just said, I’m trying to get back to my outline to wrap things up. I’m only at 28, 328 words, and I’m thinking about wrapping up. The story I chose to right is mostly romance. I don’t know how to write a romance. And personally, I don’t think there’s much meat to romance stories anyway.
This was my fundamental mistake.

Anyway, there’s just lots of problems right now. I’m not enjoying my story or my characters, and at this point, I honestly just want to type THE END and this story down for the next six months at least.

TBR Challenge November Wrap-up

Okay, so. The 2013 TBR challenge. I have been doing it. But for the past several months I could not find the posts where to link up the books I’d read.
I think I just found the one for November, though, so here it is. Pretty much every book I’ve read for the TBR Challenge since, like, January.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-
The Perks of Being a Wallflower-
It’s Not Summer Without You-

So, that’s a LOT of books. By my not-so-careful counting process I have determined it’s somewhere 30 and 32.

So, yeah. Add maybe two or three books from that very first month, and I’ve read somewhere around 32-35 books from my TBR pile this year.

I’m obviously a) not organized and b) not good with numbers.

(So, I checked my original post when I said I was participating in the TBR challenge, and only the two of the books I’ve match the ones I listed in that post. Oops.)

I’m gonna skip out now.

NaNo post coming later today.

Friday, November 15, 2013

SPOILERS (talking about them, not doing them) (NaNoWriMo day 15)

So. Today’s topic is spoilers.
Many of you probably know that Allegiant came out on October 22. Many people have already read it and are disappointed in it.
Many of you probably also know that Allegiant spoilers have been galloping around the internet like nobody’s business.
As such, I have been avoiding ANYTHING Allegiant-related like it was the BLACK PLAGUE.
I follow the TMI source, and I occasionally get random emails when people post on the Unidentified Snippets post.
On Wednesday, I got a couple such emails. And I decided to open them up and read the comments that had been emailed to me, because I LIKE discussing TMI as it is a wonderful series.
(Can you see where this is going?)
The first comment in the email
Now, if this person had put something like **SPOIERS** at the top of their comment, I probably would have still read hte comment, as I would have assumed the spoiler was for TMI, which I am completely caught up on.
…but there wasn’t a big, all-caps, announcement of spoilers.
This gave me a slight enragement. Which al through my English class… and through working at my college’s bookstore… and my humanities class… and now, the rage is just gone.

See, earlier in the year, a similar thing happened to me in a conversation about the Chemical Garden series by Lauren DeStefano on goodreads (Where they have the spoiler catchers). I was spoiled for the third book. I was given a slight enragement. Whenever I thought of that spoiler for months afterward, the rage would rise again, fresh as if it had just happened.
But for this Allegiant spoiler… it’s two days after I was spoiled and I think of the spoiler, of BEING spoiled, and I just shrug. I’m like: so what?
The spoiler has not had any real effect on my emotions besides just making me care a lot less. And because of my apathetic response to the actual spoiler, I’m not that much minding having been spoiled.
I don’t EVER want to be okay with being spoiled. I don’ EVER want tha to become so commonplace, for the spoiler to ever…
I just… this is making words hard to say.

I think I’ll leave you there.

**I do still intend on reading Allegiant, because there were OTHER things going on and I want to know how they were wrapped up. By my enjoyment of reading Allegiant will be GREATLY lessened by that spoiler.

***also, I realize that I have been failing at the blogging-for-NaNo-every-day-in-November thing. Yeah. Last NANo post I did was day 10. This is day 15. I am aware.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Beautiful Blog Tour Stop (Promo Post)

Top Five Favorite Desserts
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2.      Oreo pie
3.      Homemade Ice-cream
4.      Skittles and Reese’s ;)
Peanut Butter Cookies


Still trying to recover from a tragic loss, Lily’s worst fear is falling in love. Distancing herself from everyone is the only way she can keep heartache away.

Deep down though, Lily realizes that living without Kyle is too painful. She finds strength in Kyle’s arms, and he gives her the courage to face her past. With every step forward, Lily continues to nurture and mend her damaged heart.

Just when Lily feels closure within her grasp, secrets from the past finally catch up with her, and Lily will discover that more than her heart is on the line.

Will love be enough to save Lily?

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About the Author
Alicia Rae is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and photography.
Thank you to my dear sister, Kels, who showed me a few years ago how much I truly missed reading. And to my loving husband, for not throwing away my Nook, and planting the seed of writing into my mind. I am forever grateful. Xo
Readers, words cannot thank you enough for supporting me along this incredible journey. I hope you enjoy my novels as much as I do writing them. I thank each and every one of you.
Believe in yourself and follow your dreams…

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Problems (NaNo day 10)

I believe I have mentioned Philip previously in the month. Just in case I haven’t, or you forgot or something, Philip is my trusty dusty Windows ’98 laptop of somewhere around ten years.
We have had a long and happy relationship.
Unfortunately, Philip has been crapping out on me this month.
I had a NaNoWriMo specific flashdrive that used with Philip for Camp NaNo this July. It worked fine. But this month, Philip started doing this weird thing where he would open the flashdrive, let me get the document and work on it, but then he wouldn’t let me save my work to my NaNo flashdrive because he couldn’t ‘recognize’ it, though I knew full well he’d recognized it not an hour earlier, to let me open my document.
So that was a problem. At first it only happened once out of three times, but in two days it was happening EVERY TIME I worked on my story while on Philip. So I made a NaNoWriMo folder and put it on one of my class-specific flashdrives, which has been working. Unfortunately, in other computers with two flashdrive ports, when I use both my NaNo flashdrive and my regular flashdrive, I can’t tell the difference between for purposes of ejecting and such because they have exactly the same name.

And just yesterday, when I spent the afternoon on Philip jumping from 15460 words to 16303, I CLEARLY saved my document to my flashdrive, but I went to open it up on the computer with internet to update my word count, the latest version with more words hadn’t saved.

I ran up to Philip and fortunately, Philip had the latest version in his memory and I changed the name of the document, saved it to Philips documents and to my flashdrive under a new name, but still.

Basically, I’m having issues with dear Philip. I think he’s growing too old, while I’m still in my prime. He just can’t keep up. It’s time for me to find someone new.

Unfortunately, me having no money, this will not happen in November. I’ll just have to hope I can depend on Philip for this one last project. And then, we will part ways.

Philip, if you ever see this, I just want to say, I’m sorry. But it’s not working out.

That was way more dramatic than I’d originally intended. Oh, well. I happen to like it.

Monica, out.

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Todays word goal: 16333 words. Tomorrow's word goal: 18333 words.
I'm at: 19789 words.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inspiration (NaNo day 9)

So. In the past two days, things have happened. Things have happened that have made me upset.
They weren’t like really big upsetting things, but my brain is weird, and I got upset.
On the bright side, Me Being Upset=Me Being Inspired
Unfortunately, Me Is Being Inspired For Things Other Than My NaNoWriMo Navel.
Me Is Being Inspired to Write Depressing Songs and Scenes in My Depressing Contemporary Project.
So what do I do?                      
Well, last night, Me Wrote a Depressing Song, and the day before, Me Voice Recorded Meself Brainstorming a Scene for My Depressing Contemporary Project.
(My Depressing Contemporary Project is currently titled ‘Hugs’. I feel like I might be referencing more during this blog post, or at the very least, this month.)

Don’t ask me why I was using Me in the place of I.
Anyways, one of the NaNoWriMo pep talks this week came from Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind. He said to break NaNoWriMo rules and follow your inspiration. This is what I did.
(Not to say I wouldn’t have done it if not for Patrick Rothfuss’s pep talk. If I’m inspired to write a song, I’ll write the damn song. I haven’t written songs regularly since high school, when I churned out somewhere around 300 lyrics in four years. Unfortunately, everything I wrote in high school is crap, and I can’t use any of it.)

There was a point to this. What was it? Ah, yes. writing is writing, and even if I can’t count that Depressing Song to my NaNoWriMo word goal, I wrote it, and I’m proud of it. It’s a good song. Not one of my best, but the first one I’ve written in a couple of months, so I’m happy.
If you have to write something non NaNoWriMo related during NaNoWriMo, write it. If you think actually writing it would totally pull you away from your NaNoWriMo novel (this is what I thought  would happen if I opened Hugs) than pull out of phone, turn on the voice recording function, and TALK about it. If you can understand yourself, it’ll be really helpful when you do decide to open up your Hugs come December.

Wisdom from my mind.

Also, I am proud to say that, at the time I post this, I have pulled ahead again in NaNoWriMo. Not a full day ahead, but nearly a full day. And I'll probably write more words after posting this.

Today's Goal: 15000 words. Tomorrow's Goal: 16666
I am currently at 16303 words.

Monica, out.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

October book haul (NaNo day 8)

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I didn’t write much either. I’m pretty much busy on Thursday from 8 in the morning til seven at night.

As of right now, I'm at 13,919 words. the goal for today is 13333. So I'm not at MY goal of being at least a day ahead, but I plan on changing that tomorrow.

Anyways, I got some books in October, and decided to share them with you:
(By the way, all of these were preorders)

See you later.

Monica, out.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

TOP TEN TUESDAY (I don’t know what number) SEQUELS I WANT (NaNo day 6)


By Solilian’s breath, I’m in the clear!

Yes. Remember earlier this week, I told you I had three essays? Finally done with all three, and I managed to reach my NaNoWriMo word goal for today.
My goal is to stay ahead of the word count by at least a days’ worth of words. Today’s word goal is 10,000 words even.
I’m at 11,944!
I’m pretty satisfied with myself.


It has been faaar too long since I last did a TTT. Like, June, maybe? May? I don’t even know.
Anyways, today’s (or yesterday’s, since it’s Wednesday) TTT topic is Top Ten Sequels I can’t wait to get my Hands On.

So, here it is.

  1. The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey: The Fifth Wave. Do you need any more explanation?
  2. Cress by Marissa Meyer
  3. Unravel Me by Taherah Mafi: Don’t own it, haven’t read. For a couple reasons: 1) I’m waiting for the paperback, and 2) I’m told I must read the novella before reading this. Which means I need to get B&N giftcard to buy it on my nook. (I don’t like buying from B&N, so I don’t really like getting B&N giftcards)
  4. Evertrue by Brodi Ashton: I LOVE the Everneath series, and can not WAIT for the conclusion!
  5. The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa: Same reason as Unravel Me, I’ve been waiting for the paperback.
  6. World After by Susan Ee: I LOVED Angelfall, and Oh, my god, the ending!
  7. The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead: It’s Richelle mead, lets be serious. I want this even though I haven’t even read The Indigo Spell.
  8. Dreams of Gods and Monsters: LOOKIT THE COVER. IT’S SO PRETTY.
  9. Vitro by Jessica Khoury: While the were some problems with Origin, I just LOVED the concept and world-building, so I’m very excited for this companion Novel.
  10. Avatar: the Last Airbender: The Search Part Three: This came out about a week ago and MY LIBRARY DOESN'T HAVE IT YET!!! (I know, I’ve been checking daily)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top Reasons Why Reading is Hazardous at Best During NaNoWriMo: (NaNo day 5)

  1. If you’re reading, you’re not writing. Which is fairly obvious, but some people’s brains just don’t like that.
  2. Assuming you are reading something other than Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis, what you’re reading has probably been edited the HECK out of. The story has been edited AS WELL as the words. You read this and go to your NaNoWriMo story and say, “This can never compare. I’m hopeless, my words are awful, and my story is DOOOOMED!” And then you tell yourself, “I should give up now.” But you shouldn’t! No, you shouldn’t! Yes, your words are terrible, and your story is all over the place and full of plot holes that make no sense. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Keep writing and pick up the pieces when November is finally over!
  3. You may or may not write in the same place you read. (I do). If I’m reading, my books end up populating my workspace, and then I have nowhere to sit, and then I can’t write.
  4. Once in a blue moon, even experienced readers get papercuts. And since the universe is a bitch, you’re guaranteed to get on in November, and thus your papercut finger will hurt when you type.

So, it’s time to return all (or most) of your books to library and spend November just writing. Reading is just too hazardous an acitivity right now. The books will still be there in December, I promise. If you must keep some of the books, here are my criteria:

  1. (SHORT) comic books are acceptable. For instance, I waited for all the three parts of Avatar: the Last Airbender: the Search to be released so I could read them all at once. The last one was released at the end of October. These are mostly pictures, and the number of pages are in the double digits.
  2. (SHORT) books loaned to you by friends are acceptable. You know how friends are. They want you to read something, but you can’t get it at the library, and they have a copy they loan to you and tell you that you MUST read it, or else. Well, you don’t want the OR ELSE, so you read it. —BUT— a good test of the book’s readability is this: if you’ve been reading for half an hour and haven't gotten past fifty pages, return it and tell your friend to loan it out to you in December or January instead. You’re too busy doing NaNoWriMo at this time.
  3. (SHORT) books about writing. I recommend No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty. It’s a quick read, it’s funny, and it’s written for NaNoWriMo. But try the same test you did for your loaned book. Read for half an hour. If you’re not at least fifty pages in, set it aside and read it in December.
  4. Textbooks for school, or diet books that you’re currently using are also acceptable, but only barely. If you can get by without reading the textbook, do so.
  5. If you are religious, you are aloud to read from your religious text (be it the bible, the Qur’an, whatever Jewish people read, etc.)

If you are particularly ambitious, you may try to keep some of your normal reading books in your November TBR, but keep the list small. If you aim to read fifteen books this November NaNoWriMo season, YOU WILL FAIL. Even if you do average 18 books a month, like me.


*Note: No offense intended to Jewish people. I don’t mean to sound insensitive or offensive regarding the religious texts, or when I tell you will fail if you try to read a lot during NaNoWriMo.

Monica, out.

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Monday, November 4, 2013


The same way you normally do.

  1. Sit in class. Listen to lecture (or not, which ever is your norm)
  2. Teacher assigns the Essay. If the teacher says you must have a paragraph next class in order to get full participation points that day, then do step three for that paragraph.
  3. Procrastinate.
  4. On the day the essay is due, get to school and hour or two early, and type it up in the library. Read it over once for grammatical mistakes. Print it out. Turn it in. Live with your grade.

Okay, not really.
But seriously. School had the audacity to assign me three essays due this week. One I had mostly done, and turned in today. The other two are due on Wednesday and thrusday, and both require some amount of research. So here’s a step-bystep guide of how I’ll end up doing them:

  1. Write intro paragraph. VERY LITTLE Information is needed for an intro paragraph. Attention getter+some ideas+thesis statement and there ya go. (If you’re skilled, you can usually break your thesis statement into a couple of sentences)
  2. Look at your intro paragraph. Look at the first of the ideas you mentioned in it. research that. Write a paragraph or two on it. (The paragraph or two should be equal to a little less than third of paper. i.e. if your paper must be eight pages, then those two paragraphs should be a little over two pages)
  3. Rinse and repeat for the other ideas mentioned in intro paragraph.
  4. Write conclusion. THIS IS BASICALLY a rewrite of the intro paragraph, with more details (Because you now know what you’re taking about) and answering your research question/resolving your thesis statement.
  5. Edit for grammar and diction. Don’t mess with your content. If you do, you’ll never turn it in.
  6. Add in-text citations and make sure your bibliography is dne the way your teacher wants it.
  7. Turn it in.

Ideally, you spend two hours writing and researching, half an hour editing. TAKE A BREAK before you edit. That’s why it’s good to do this the day before, instead of the morning of. Of course, if you end up doing it the morning of, best to just skip the edit and hope for the best.

I hope this was helpful too some other WriMos. I know I’be following this process throughout November, as I have somewhere between 7 to 10 essays due.

And REMEMBER TO CITE your sources.
Teachers are very picky about this bit.

Monica, out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cleaning Out an Overfull Reading Plate (NaNo Day 3)

On October 31st, I was busy all day long. Went to school at 8 in the morning and I was in class until 1:20. then I worked in my college bookstore until about 4:00. Then I went into another class-sort-of-thing that lasted until 6:20. Then I got home at abut 6:40 and had about twenty minutes on the computer before I became busy being my family’s designated candy-hander-outer.
The point of that story was I had TWENTY minutes on the computer in the WHOLE of October 31st. After two minutes of debating with myself, I decided to cancel half of my holds at the library. (The ones I kept were the ones where I was 2nd or more on queue for the book)
Why did I cancel all those holds? I’d been waiting quite some time for some of them.
Well, I thought about it. I haven't been reading that much in October. (depending on your definition of reading much. I define it as finishing books, not just excessively reading a lot of books at the same time) 
I am currently reading six to seven books. Let’s see if I can find them all scattered about in my room and list them here:
The Baby-Sitters Club #1 by Anne M. Martin- one of my friends and I were talking, and I realized she hadn’t read the Animorphs, and she realized I hadn’t read the Baby-Sitters Club, so we exchanged. I’m not liking it much. I’m on page 35, and I’ve been reading it for about three days.
The Shadowhunter’s Codex by Cassandra Clare and Joshua Lewis- I’d had this preordered. As soon as it came in, I started reading it. I’m liking it so far. I’m on page 19, and I’ve been reading it for 4 days.
Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait- my astronomy teacher passed this book around one class, and I thought it was interesting, so I checked it out from the library. I’m finding it interesting. I’m on page 47, and I’ve been reading it for about 3 weeks.
Icons by Margaret Stohl- one of the Beautiful Creatures authors + science fiction. (I love science fiction).I got it from the library and started reading and was REALLY liking it. But then I just didn’t read it for three days, and now I’m finding it hard to find the motivation to pick it up. I’m on page 301, and I’ve been reading it for about two weeks.
No Plot, No Problem! by Chris Baty- I got this book in preparation for NaNoWriMo, and really enjoyed it. I HAVE ACTUALLY FINISHED THIS BOOK, but I’m keeping it around for NaNoWriMo and rereading bits of it as needed.
20 Master Plots and How to Build Them by Ronald B. Tobias- again, I got this for NaNoWriMo. I am not finding it near as interesting or enjoyable as No Plot, No Problem! however. I’m on page 37, and I’ve been reading it for about four days.
Joss Whedon: the Complete Companion by PopMatters- I am a Whedonite. This book made sense for me when I first checked it out, OVER SIX MONTHS AGO. I quickly realized that if I had not watched ALL of Joss Whedon’s series (Which, at the time, I hadn’t) I would be super spoiled. So I skipped the Angel section while I watched Angel, but I’ve since finished Angel and I’ve got two bookmarks in very different paces in this book, and I’m thinking it’s about time to give up.
ChangeOne the Diet and Fitness Plan by Readers Digest- my parents got me this book and told me to follow the diet in it. It’s actually an enjoyable read, and the diet’s not too bad. I’m on page 82, and I’ve been reading it for four or five weeks (I’m trying to read this one slowly though, because each chapter is a week of the diet, and I spent two weeks adjusting to the change made in chapter three, and right now I’m in chapter four)

So that’s actually eight books. All of the books have pages numbering in the triple-digits. For all but two (Icons and No Plot (which I’m counting because I am, actually finished with it) I’m still in the double-digits. I don’t like leaving books unfinished, but I need to clear some of these out.
((You may notice that not all of these are books are on my Goodreads page, and the ones that are have inaccurate pages. Goodreads is not a place I’m really updating often these days. Not reliable.))
Point is, I need to clear some of these books out of my reading diet, for the time being, if not forever.
After carefully looking at the list and weighing my options, I’ve decided to keep reading: ChangeOne, as that is an ongoing thing occurring in my life, Icons, because I’m in triple-digits man, No Plot, No Problem! because I’m just keeping that one around for reference during NaNoWriMo, and the Baby-Sitters Club, because I’m reading that one for a friend. The other four, Joss Whedon, Bad Astronomy, 20 Master Plots, and The Shadowhunter’s Codex are going back to the library (or my shelf, in the case of the Codex). I am certain I will one day continue Bad Astronomy and the Codex. I may check out 20 Master Plots in the future. But I’m done with the Joss Whedon book.

*Note: I will put up some more posts about reading during NaNoWriMo. Also, I wrote the post a day before I posted, so I’m further along in the Baby-Sitter’s Club at this point in time.

**Note: Since I am posting this very early in the day, I have not included how many words I’ve written today.

Monica, out.

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NaNoWriMo Profile:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

This Week on the CW #2 + NaNoWriMo day two update!

This blog post CONTAINS SPOILERS for the Originals episode 105, Reign episode 103, and the Vampire Diaries episode 505.

The Originals aka It’s the Witches Fault
It is ALL the witches fault. Everything.
Remember last week when I was talking about people saner than I would wait for evidence about something? Well, people saner than I are people smarter than I. Because I was wrong to assume and jump to conclusions, BECAUSE IT WAS THE WITCHES FAULT.
Davina being too powerful to defeat? The witches fault.
The war between the witches and the vamps? The witches fault.
Oh, and, uh, Cami’s brother Sean going psycho crazy murder-suicide spree? THE WITCHES FAULT.
We got lots of backstory for the immediate situation and characters in this ep. By that, I mean we didn’t have any flashbacks from the Originals from a couple centuries ago. Most of the flashbacks were 8 months ago, in fact.
Speaking of those flashbacks, Sophie and Marcel were a thing? Ever?
And now that it’s occurred me, I WANT IT. Why aren’t they a thing now?
((That was a rhetorical question. I KNOW why they’re not a thing now.))
Anyways, the plot just thickened. Like, a whole lot. Can’t wait for next week!

Reign aka Can She Do That?
I’m not to well-versed on 16th century European politics, but I’m pretty sure she can’t do that. I watched again this afternoon with my brother, who is like google, and I asked him if she could do that.
The verdict? No.
Well, she can. But the church won’t accept and it won’t be legal, so. There ya go.
She can't do that.

The Vampires Diaries aka the Diary Thing is Back!
Yes, that’s right! After it's disappearance around episode 10 of the series, the diary thing is back!
Tyler is FINALLY gone for good. (I really don’t like Tyler just randomly showing up once every 20 episodes). Although I’m interested to see if he’ll head over to the Originals now.
I’m still REALLY liking mind-wiped Stefan. So much wittier and funnier and interesting than normal Stefan. PLEASE STAY THIS WAY!
Good plan, Damon.
A mystery named Aaron was introduced.
And also, what is your plan, creepy professor?
Okay, and the Nadia thing? I have to say, of all the things I thought might happen, that was not one of them. I was so happy when she mentioned Pearl and Anna, because I really miss them and was hoping that maybe they show up again? But no. That was just a lead-in to a mom story. which was a lead-in to another mom-story. And I do like the way that turned out.
Speaking of Katherine, in the last five minutes of the episode, I was chanting: “Katherine can't die. Katherine can’t die. Katherine can’t die.”
(Katherine is one of my favorite characters)
And then I got the pleasure of screaming “YES!!!!!!!” at the top of my lungs.

PART 2- NaNoWriMo update:

It is day two of NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this, but during NaNoWriMo, you’re not supposed to have time for sleep, let alone time to keep up on your favorite TV shows. So what am I doing with This Week on the CW?

Well, you may have noticed that last week I talked about BatB, but not this week. I decided to give up half of my TV shows, but I just couldn’t let go of TVD, The Originals, or Reign. So I decided to sacrifice BatB, Witches of East End, and Agents of Shield.

**I will probably also watch the Big Bang Theory and The Crazy Ones, because they’re 30-minutes long, and my family watches them too.

So, at this point in time on day two of NaNoWriMo, I’m at 6747 words. I shot ahead by employing the 6,000 word jetpack as described in No Plot, No Problem! by Chris Baty. Except I made it more of a 3,000 word jetpack, but whatever. The 6,000 word jetpack is recommended for use during week three, but its day two. So why did I choose to use it now?
Well. I have two essays do this next week, one on Monday, which I’m half-done with, and the other on Thursday, which I haven’t started at all. Both papers require not only writing but research. I plan on using Sunday to do the majority of the research for both, and finish writing the one due on Monday. Not to say I won’t work on my NaNoWriMo novel at all tomorrow, but I wanted a buffer. And I have one, which is good.

Also, I’ve discovered that when I do a 30-minute writing sprint, I average at about 500 words. Which is less than other people. Reasons… possibly because my Windows ’98 laptop, Philip, which I primarily write on, is very old and very slow and half the key you have to hit three times for the letter to show up once. Possibly because I’ve spent the first four chapters of my novel describing a wedding and subsequent death that I have no idea what I’m talking about. Possibly because I’m just a slow writer.  

Either way, that’s what went down today, and NaNoWriMo day two. I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Monica, out.

NaNoWriMo, man!!!!!

Yes, it is that time. Today is day two, and I’m at 3152 words, which is not too bad, if I say so myself.

Anyways, on to my point.

So some people of youtube are doing daily NaNo vlogs. I don’t have a youtube, I have this blog. So, I will try to do daily NaNoWriMo blogs.
(Why isn’t someone stopping me?)
Now, if you’ve been here for any length of time, you know that I don’t even really blog regularly. I blog once in a blue moon.
(Which is what makes this plan so FREAKING insane)
*I might end up skipping days every once in a while, but I will try to put up a blog past THREE times a week.
**I will probably not be blogging at all on Thursdays. Thursday is the day when I have time for nothing.

So, yes, that’s happening. If you’re not subscribed, please to so! (I prefer Bloglovin’ follows) That’s over on the side.

Stay tuned!

Monica, out.