Monday, November 4, 2013


The same way you normally do.

  1. Sit in class. Listen to lecture (or not, which ever is your norm)
  2. Teacher assigns the Essay. If the teacher says you must have a paragraph next class in order to get full participation points that day, then do step three for that paragraph.
  3. Procrastinate.
  4. On the day the essay is due, get to school and hour or two early, and type it up in the library. Read it over once for grammatical mistakes. Print it out. Turn it in. Live with your grade.

Okay, not really.
But seriously. School had the audacity to assign me three essays due this week. One I had mostly done, and turned in today. The other two are due on Wednesday and thrusday, and both require some amount of research. So here’s a step-bystep guide of how I’ll end up doing them:

  1. Write intro paragraph. VERY LITTLE Information is needed for an intro paragraph. Attention getter+some ideas+thesis statement and there ya go. (If you’re skilled, you can usually break your thesis statement into a couple of sentences)
  2. Look at your intro paragraph. Look at the first of the ideas you mentioned in it. research that. Write a paragraph or two on it. (The paragraph or two should be equal to a little less than third of paper. i.e. if your paper must be eight pages, then those two paragraphs should be a little over two pages)
  3. Rinse and repeat for the other ideas mentioned in intro paragraph.
  4. Write conclusion. THIS IS BASICALLY a rewrite of the intro paragraph, with more details (Because you now know what you’re taking about) and answering your research question/resolving your thesis statement.
  5. Edit for grammar and diction. Don’t mess with your content. If you do, you’ll never turn it in.
  6. Add in-text citations and make sure your bibliography is dne the way your teacher wants it.
  7. Turn it in.

Ideally, you spend two hours writing and researching, half an hour editing. TAKE A BREAK before you edit. That’s why it’s good to do this the day before, instead of the morning of. Of course, if you end up doing it the morning of, best to just skip the edit and hope for the best.

I hope this was helpful too some other WriMos. I know I’be following this process throughout November, as I have somewhere between 7 to 10 essays due.

And REMEMBER TO CITE your sources.
Teachers are very picky about this bit.

Monica, out.

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