Friday, November 22, 2013

Mistakes. Many, Many Mistakes. (NaNo Post Day 22)

Earlier today, I promised a NaNo post coming up later. And here it is.

I have been failing. Not only at the daily-blog-post thing, but also, you know, actual NaNoWriMo.

The thing is, I just HATE my story right now. I DON’T want to go and write it, because writing it brings me no joy. It’s just… it’s not going well.

I had an outline. I wrote the outline several months ago, though, like somewhere between June and August. But I had an outline. And I didn’t bother to even really look at it before starting NaNo.
This was my first mistake.

In the months since I’d written the outline, the way I’d thought about my story had changed. I didn’t even realize it until I was about a week in, and it was time for my Main Character and my Main Love Interest to meet. I wanted them to meet differently than I’d outlines, but I felt I had to follow my outline. So I did.
This was my second mistake.

I realized if I continued following my outline, I would never reach 50,000 words, so in week two, I started taking some detours and doing things I wanted to do in my story. Which was good for me. but when I started detouring from my detours things got complicated, and now that I need to get back to my outline so I can wrap things up, I find that I can’t. So, though the detours were good for me, they weren’t particularly for my story.
This was my third mistake.

Like I just said, I’m trying to get back to my outline to wrap things up. I’m only at 28, 328 words, and I’m thinking about wrapping up. The story I chose to right is mostly romance. I don’t know how to write a romance. And personally, I don’t think there’s much meat to romance stories anyway.
This was my fundamental mistake.

Anyway, there’s just lots of problems right now. I’m not enjoying my story or my characters, and at this point, I honestly just want to type THE END and this story down for the next six months at least.

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