Sunday, November 10, 2013

Problems (NaNo day 10)

I believe I have mentioned Philip previously in the month. Just in case I haven’t, or you forgot or something, Philip is my trusty dusty Windows ’98 laptop of somewhere around ten years.
We have had a long and happy relationship.
Unfortunately, Philip has been crapping out on me this month.
I had a NaNoWriMo specific flashdrive that used with Philip for Camp NaNo this July. It worked fine. But this month, Philip started doing this weird thing where he would open the flashdrive, let me get the document and work on it, but then he wouldn’t let me save my work to my NaNo flashdrive because he couldn’t ‘recognize’ it, though I knew full well he’d recognized it not an hour earlier, to let me open my document.
So that was a problem. At first it only happened once out of three times, but in two days it was happening EVERY TIME I worked on my story while on Philip. So I made a NaNoWriMo folder and put it on one of my class-specific flashdrives, which has been working. Unfortunately, in other computers with two flashdrive ports, when I use both my NaNo flashdrive and my regular flashdrive, I can’t tell the difference between for purposes of ejecting and such because they have exactly the same name.

And just yesterday, when I spent the afternoon on Philip jumping from 15460 words to 16303, I CLEARLY saved my document to my flashdrive, but I went to open it up on the computer with internet to update my word count, the latest version with more words hadn’t saved.

I ran up to Philip and fortunately, Philip had the latest version in his memory and I changed the name of the document, saved it to Philips documents and to my flashdrive under a new name, but still.

Basically, I’m having issues with dear Philip. I think he’s growing too old, while I’m still in my prime. He just can’t keep up. It’s time for me to find someone new.

Unfortunately, me having no money, this will not happen in November. I’ll just have to hope I can depend on Philip for this one last project. And then, we will part ways.

Philip, if you ever see this, I just want to say, I’m sorry. But it’s not working out.

That was way more dramatic than I’d originally intended. Oh, well. I happen to like it.

Monica, out.

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Todays word goal: 16333 words. Tomorrow's word goal: 18333 words.
I'm at: 19789 words.


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