Friday, November 15, 2013

SPOILERS (talking about them, not doing them) (NaNoWriMo day 15)

So. Today’s topic is spoilers.
Many of you probably know that Allegiant came out on October 22. Many people have already read it and are disappointed in it.
Many of you probably also know that Allegiant spoilers have been galloping around the internet like nobody’s business.
As such, I have been avoiding ANYTHING Allegiant-related like it was the BLACK PLAGUE.
I follow the TMI source, and I occasionally get random emails when people post on the Unidentified Snippets post.
On Wednesday, I got a couple such emails. And I decided to open them up and read the comments that had been emailed to me, because I LIKE discussing TMI as it is a wonderful series.
(Can you see where this is going?)
The first comment in the email
Now, if this person had put something like **SPOIERS** at the top of their comment, I probably would have still read hte comment, as I would have assumed the spoiler was for TMI, which I am completely caught up on.
…but there wasn’t a big, all-caps, announcement of spoilers.
This gave me a slight enragement. Which al through my English class… and through working at my college’s bookstore… and my humanities class… and now, the rage is just gone.

See, earlier in the year, a similar thing happened to me in a conversation about the Chemical Garden series by Lauren DeStefano on goodreads (Where they have the spoiler catchers). I was spoiled for the third book. I was given a slight enragement. Whenever I thought of that spoiler for months afterward, the rage would rise again, fresh as if it had just happened.
But for this Allegiant spoiler… it’s two days after I was spoiled and I think of the spoiler, of BEING spoiled, and I just shrug. I’m like: so what?
The spoiler has not had any real effect on my emotions besides just making me care a lot less. And because of my apathetic response to the actual spoiler, I’m not that much minding having been spoiled.
I don’t EVER want to be okay with being spoiled. I don’ EVER want tha to become so commonplace, for the spoiler to ever…
I just… this is making words hard to say.

I think I’ll leave you there.

**I do still intend on reading Allegiant, because there were OTHER things going on and I want to know how they were wrapped up. By my enjoyment of reading Allegiant will be GREATLY lessened by that spoiler.

***also, I realize that I have been failing at the blogging-for-NaNo-every-day-in-November thing. Yeah. Last NANo post I did was day 10. This is day 15. I am aware.

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