Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Story of How I Came to Love (and Stalk) the Vampire Academy Series

Let me tell you a story.

It all started one blustery November day in 2009. I was 16, still obsessed with Twilight, and I was at wal-mart with my mother and one of my brothers. We stopped to browse the book section, as usual. My mom looked at the romance books, my brother—we’ll call him Dylan—was looking towards the science fiction-y shelves, and a title containing the word vampire caught my eye. I crouched down and pulled it off the shelf, flipped to back cover and read the description.
And I was not too interested. Sitting next to this book was Frostbite, which I also picked up and flipped over. 
Mom, Dylan, and I left with no purchases and myself with not even a desire to purchase Vampire Academy.

Almost a month later, on Christmas day, I tore into my presents as usual. And what did I receive from Dylan? 
That’s right. Vampire Academy and Frostbite. He’d noted my interest in the books while we were at wal-mart, little knowing that I had decided they were not interesting enough to warrant my time.
But they went onto my shelf nonetheless, where they sat. And waited.

In January of 2010, I found myself one day with nothing new to read—and picked up Vampire Academy. And then I promptly put it down after about a chapter, infinitely bored.
There they sat, on my shelf. Just waiting.

A couple months later, in March, I once again found myself with nothing new to read. So I gave Vampire Academy ONE MORE CHANCE—
And I tore through it like there was no tomorrow.
I went through Frostbite just as quickly.

Within a couple days of finishing Frostbite, but still far too long of a wait, I made my mother drag to me Sams and bought Shadow-Kissed and Blood Promise.
I read the backs of both before diving into Shadow-Kissed. And though there were only two lines on the back of Blood Promise, they caused to me guess what might happen at the end of Shadow-Kissed.
Needless to say, I was up til two in the morning reading Shadow-Kissed, praying that my guess was incorrect.
*Spoiler*: it wasn’t.

Reading Blood Promise became a unique form of a torture (it’s also notable to point out that Blood Promise is my favorite in the series.)
After finishing Blood Promise, waiting another two months for Spirit Bound’s release was nigh impossible.
I don’t even remember how occupied myself during that time.
And then, O Glorious! Spirit Bound was released and I read it.
And how could I POSSIBLY wait for the release of Last Sacrifice?

My answer was to obsessively reread the first five books—over and over again.
By the time that summer was halfway over, I’d gone through the reread cycle at least three times and hated myself quite a lot.
Fortunately, around halfway through the summer, during the fourth reread, my family wet to visit our cousins in Iowa—and one of my cousins (let’s call her Abby) shocked me out of my Vampire Academy craze by giving me Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn to read.

I went back to being a normal crazy-obsessive-reading-person until Last Sacrifice came out and I reread the series one again for the release.

Now, I am nineteen, I’ve been engaged in goodreads/booktube/book blogging/overall online book community for about a year to a year and a half. Nowadays, I read new books far more often than I reread old ones, a complete flip-flop from my sixteen year old self.
But I do still reread books on special occasions—mainly new releases in series, nostalgia, and movies.
This week, I reread the Vampire Academy in anticipation of the movie this coming February—and as I read it, I was reminded of why I was so obsessed with the series in the first place. I also noticed QUITE A BIT of foreshadowing to the events of Blood Promise in this first book.
Since I’m having the warm-fuzzyish-obsessive-must-read-or-die-by-Strigoi feels that usually accompany rereading the Vampire Academy, I WANT to go on and reread the rest of the series right now. Like, I’m struggling to stop myself from just picking up Blood PRomise and reading it. But since only the first movie is coming out, I’m only aloud to reread the first book.
Hopefully, those or-die-by-Strigoi feels will still be there AFTER I see the movie, because that’s when I plan to reread the rest of the series. AND catch up on Bloodlines (I’m two books behind! Gasp!)

So, there’s not really a moral or any obvious point to this story. I just wanted to tell it. And… now I’m done telling it.
So, goodbye.

Monica, out.

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