Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear Julie Plec, Thank You

Dear Julie Plec,

THANK YOU. I, like many TVD fans, was TERRIFIED that Katherine was going to really die in 500 Years of Solitude. Which would have been tragic, because I would have had to do something dire like stop watching the Vampire Diaries (except we all know I wouldn’t have been able to follow through.)
In the weeks leading up to 500 Years of Solitude, I kept on trying to come up with something suitably dire and feasible that I could do IF Katherine died. I did come up with something, and I thank you, because now I do not have to make that dire declaration on my blog (though several people I know have already heard it).
Over the winter break, I kept trying to write a blog post, in much the same format as this one. As a letter to you. It came out pleading, threatening, and it was never just perfect. But I did come up with a good list of reasons as to why Katherine can absolutely NOT die:
1) She’s the coolest character. Seriously. I love her.
2) Before that one episode when she and Stefan hooked up, I had NEVER shipped Stefan with ANYONE on the show. In fact, I’d even said that I would like to end up a lonely spinster, because Delena and Klaroline, and there’s no one else for him to hook up with.
3) The ambiance she adds to the show is VITAL. She’s the only bad, old vampire that the viewers know and love ever since the Originals (characters) left to the Originals (show). We NEED her.
So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for keeping her. THANK YOU for not killing her. THANK YOU, because I need Katherine in my life.
Also, the episode itself was just masterful. It kept me on the edge of my seat, heart pounding, racked with worry for Katherine, until the very end, at which point I jumped up, shouting with joy that “That is SO Katherine!” interrupting my younger brother as he attempted to do his homework.

An Avid Watcher of the Vampire Diaries

P.S. THANK YOU for that Klaroline hook-up as well. And I seriously hope that Caroline didn’t REALLY mean that he NEVER come back.

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