Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday 2014 goals

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.
This week’s theme is Top Ten Bookish goals of 2014.

I can’t believe I just typed 2014.
I can’t believe I’m saying 2014.
I can’t believe its been 2014 for 8 days.

To the goals!

  1. My goodreads goal is to read 175 books. Last year, my goal was to read 233 books, which I did, barely. It didn’t help that from September until mid-december I was hovering at the edge of slump territory. It didn’t help that being at the edge of slump territory made me anxious, like I had to read more, because if I had a goodreads FAIL stamped on my GR profile or, god forbid, my blog, I would just die of shame. Also, I’m straying from GE classes in college towards the more elective geared stuff, so I might be doing my homework more often. I just wanted less stress about reading. I shouldn’t ever feel stressed about reading, you know?
  2. Keep up with my challenges! Last year I did the 2013 tbr challenge. And I didn’t post the reviews to the blog post link things for, like, 8 months. This year the only challenge I’m doing is the Jumble You Genres Challenge, and my goal is just, if I have accomplished the reviews for that month, LINK THEM UP. Instead of saving them for eight months and then having to link up, like, ten thousand at once.
  3. There are pictures somewhere on this blog post. Go look at them, please. Those pictures are of two shelves on my bookcases, respectively, the unread general books shelf and the unread series book shelf. On the general unread shelf, I have so many books that they are stacked in such away you can not see the spines of them al without moving some of them. I want to get at least two books off of that shelf each month. I’m less ambitious with the unread series book shelf, because I have to read the whole series to get a book off of that shelf, so I’m only going for one a month on that one.
  4. Post regularly. I’m not sure you can call what I do on this blog ‘regular’. To often, I’ll write a post or film a book haul or something and then not put it up for a week, or ever. You know? If I write something, than I’m going to pot it. End of story.
    1. Post at least twice a week. I’m thinking Tuesday and Friday. That’s doable. I hope.
    2. Post at least two reviews a month. You see, I don’t post reviews on my blog. I think this is because, I, personally, don’t’ read blog posts if they are reviews, because I am of being spoiled, even if they say spoiler-free. Because I’m paranoid and I think that when people say spoiler-free they’re lying. Don’t get me wrong, I write reviews for almost every book I a read and post them faithfully of goodreads. Just… not on my blog. I gotta do that.
    3. Post at least two ‘discussion’ posts a month. Because I read discussion post far more often than reviews, because discussion are more conversational, there’s no chance of spoilers, and there are issues that I want to speak to people about.
    4. Last year, I came up with this thing that I was going to TRY to do bi-weekly. I called it ‘Artists I’ve been Obsessed with this Week’, and it was a way for me to talk about the music I liked. I came up with it around May I think, and there were a total of THREE of those posts in the entirety of 2013. This year, I’m changing it to ‘Artists I’ve been Obsessed with the Month’, and I’m going to put it up at the END OF EVERY MONTH.

Well. We will see how this works out. Feel free to harass me mercilessly when I disappear this April and don’t come back until October.

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  1. Goodness, that's a lot of books for your Goodreads challenge.