Friday, February 14, 2014

Reign discussion

Before the mid-season hiatus, the most impressive about the show was the show. The weekly previews made it look SO LAME, but the episodes were so remarkably NOT LAME, it astounded me. I kept with it, and over those ten episodes, the show steadily improved. It was amazing!

And somewhere within those first ten episodes, around the episode Left Behind, the previews stopped being lame. They started making the episodes look AWESOME, and the episodes WERE awesome.

Then the mid season hiatus happened. I’m not going to tell you how many times I watched the For King and Country preview. But it was a lot. And that preview made the episode look SO. FRIGGING. EPIC.
And guess what?
The episode was frigging epic.

And then, last week’s episode. Sacrifice. Preview looked awesome. I’m not gonna say the episode was lame, though, because it wasn’t. It was just…awkward.
And this WAS NOT the previews fault. I’m just saying that the previews were lame at first and the episodes weren’t, and NOW, it’s sort of flipped.
My real problem with last weeks episode was the way the whole Pagan thing was played. It was just so… awkward.

**SPOILER ALERT** I will now be spoiling the episode Sacrifice

So, Bash’s mother’s family is Pagan. This we know. The episode Sacrifice starts with King Henry away and Bash in charge as a sort of dry-run for his future kingship. A test, if you will. To see if he can handle it. So he’s taking complaints from the people. Someone tries to assassinate him, but it didn’t pan out, so lets ignore it. Right after that, some dudes step forward accusing a pregnant girl of robbing them. Bash has the guards lock her in the dungeon and send people to search her house for the dudes’ stolen items.
Later on, Bash is talking to Mary and he pulls the pregnant girl out and he’s being all worried about her. Mary’s all like “If this chick is pregnant with your child, then—” well, we don’t know what would have happened then because Bash interrupts her, saying “This pregnant chick is my cousin and there’s pagan stuff in her house, that if they find and connect to me, well, we could get executed for treason.” Mary instantly steps up to help Bash smuggle her out of castle, coming up with a plan that involves them going in different directions so Bash and pregnant chick aren’t caught in the woods together. Something happens upsetting their plan and they all end up in the Bloodwood together with pregnant chick giving birth.
Seeing as Mary was raised by nuns, she knows how to help people give birth, and she steps right up to the task. At some point, she goes outside the tent to get some water or something and sees a pagan pendant or something hanging from a tree. She takes it down and goes back into the tent, yelling about pagans and that other time she was marked by them and how she tore their symbol down. Bash, his cousin and this other guy Bash’s mother sent all get very panicky and Mary realizes that Bash put the symbol up. She starts shouting and shadows start swirling around the tent and Bash, Prgnant Chick and the Other Guy start chanting and the shadows go away. And the Mary shouts some more, like “You’re pagans! All of you! Man-eating, bloodthirsty pagans! You too, Bash! AHH!” she runs out of the tent and Bash runs after her and talks her down, explaining that he is NOT a pagan, but he heard those chants as a child and they’re just in his brain but he doesn’t even know what they mean. Mary calms down.
About five minutes later, pregnant chick dies.
About ten minutes later, at the very end of the episode, Bash is burying pregnant chick and Mary comes out with some flowers to put on her grave. Bash stops her saying, “We—pagans—don’t put dead things on our graves.”
“So what do you put on your graves?” Mary asks.
“BLOOD.” Bash says, slicing his hand open, and Mary takes the knife and slices her hand open as well and they let their blood drip on Pregnant Chick’s grave.

Now, here’s the part I find awkward—Mary’s all paranoid about the pagans, shouting that she can’t trust Bash (implying that she’s scared of him, even hates him, for being pagan) and then she’s doing pagan shit with him ten minutes after it. It was just so… awkward. Like, there’s no other word for it.

**I wrote this post right before watching last weeks’ episode, Inquisition which was just too epic for words, and pretty much turned my brain into confetti. Sacrifice was a one episode slump, it seems.

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