Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring cleaning—Goodreads TBR Pile

So I've been in a spring cleaning mood--ever since spring break (several weeks ago). I dumped my room and got rid of lots of old toys and clothes and other stuff that was just hanging out in my room that I didn't use anymore. It was extremely cathartic--like a weight off my shoulders. And I've been wanting to get rid of more and more stuff.

And I decided to dust off my TBR shelf on goodreads.

So… I mark TONS of books as want-to-read on goodreads. So much so that the My Books page has this on the side:

1121 book to read. 595 that I’ve read. (granted, that read shelf doesn’t include most of what I read in elementary, middle, and the first couple years of high school. But still.) My TBR shelf is OUT. OF. CONTROL.
I saw Miss Fictional’s World of YA Books ( do a post about taming her TBR pile, and I took it to heart and went through my TBR pile with tree-cutting ax.

To figure out how to remove books my shelves on goodreads, this blog post was very helpful: (I neglected to hide my activity. Sorry friends and followers)

After doing that, I brought my TBR shelf down to 797. Much more manageable, and closer to the size of my read shelf.

Then I clicked Find Duplicates on the sidebar and went through all my duplicates, deleting them all so I only had one edition of every book on my goodreads. (Now, this actually knocked off some of my read books, too, but whatever)

So now my TBR shelf is down to 777 books. Still a lot, but it’s more manageable now. And it’s back in the triple digits. 

I feel much better now. 


  1. Wow you got rid of 300 books, that's impressive!

    1. I'm just glad to be in the triple digits again.