Thursday, January 22, 2015

Resolution-y Time!

I know I already put up a resolutions post. But I threw that one together really quickly and it wasn’t very specific. This will be my OFFICIAL resolutions post.
Remember to take all resolutions with a grain of salt, because my biggest resolution this year is to NOT PRESSURE MYSELF.

  1. I’ve set a goodreads challenge of 20 books. I will reach this almost immediately, but I won’t be pressured to read more towards the end of the year, like I was in 2013, and I also won’t fail, like I did in 2014 (about 2014: I know I could go and lower the goal so it looks like I succeeded, but being honest, I know I COULD have read 175 books, and I just didn’t. And lowering the goal feels like cheating.)
  2. I would like to participate in bookriot’s READ HARDER challenge. A lot of people are doing this, and I feel like it’s a good challenge. It will push me to read books I normally wouldn’t.
  3. Speaking of reading books I normally wouldn’t—in light of that READING STATS post I put up, I would like to read more graphic novels, more novels published before the 21st century, more nonfiction, more adult books, more books based in other countries from the US and England (which I’ll try to keep track of this year), just more books in general.
  4. And, as from last year, I would like to tackle my two physical OWNED TBR shelves (pictured below). I did read a lot of books from these two shelves in 2014, but I also added a lot of books to these shelves as well.
  1. I would like to finish at least three manuscripts this year and query one of them. In November 2014, I submitted a manuscript to a contest being run by Full Fathom Five. The winners of that challenge are supposed to be announced on February 25th, and I would like to have a SECOND DRAFT of that manuscript completed by then.
  2. I have a 2015 writing calendar established to help me finish/have dedicated time to work on a couple of my manuscripts. This calendar dedicates different months to work on different novels.
    1. January and February are dedicated to work on Ghost-Spirit-Death Story, the fantasy novel I submitted to the FFF contest.
    2. March is dedicated to working on a second draft of BND, a paranormal novel I wrote in 2012 and would really like to get published one day.
    3. April, the first Camp NaNoWriMo session, is dedicated as FREE WRITE, meaning I can, you know, write whatever. Hopefully I’ll tell you when the time comes.
    4. May and June are dedicated to working on Hugs/Hipster: which is a mash up of two different novels that have been rattling around my brain. Hugs ended up not working on its own, and I had another, completely separate idea called Hipster that also wasn’t working on its own. Then I took characters and ideas from both novels and put them together, and, though I haven't started it yet, it’s working out a lot better in my brain.
    5. July, the second Camp NaNoWriMo session, is dedicated again as FREE WRITE.
    6. August and September are dedicated to Snow, a paranormal novel that I started around August this year.
    7. October and November (NaNoWriMo) are dedicated to Immortality, a fantasy novel I started in 2013, got a few chapters into and stopped. Then I started it AGAIN in 2014 got several hundred pages in, and stopped. This year, I’m going to outline it and make sure I know where I’m going, start it AGAIN, and FINISH IT.
    8. December is dedicated as FREE WRITE.
  1. Blog Consistently. I’ve said this every year and it’s never worked. In the resolution post I put up a couple weeks ago, I think I said 4 posts per month and I could smush ’em into the last week if I had to. And if I HAVE to, I will, but I think I will dedicate THURSDAYS as my day to put up blog posts. Since I have a class on Thursdays that’s year-long instead of a semester like my college classes I have Thursdays off from work consistently.
  2. The standard: exercise more and eat healthier, but I’ve actually been eating pretty healthily for the past year, so I guess just don’t start eating junk again.
  3. In 2013 I put up a resolutions post in which I stated I would like to get a boyfriend. I would still like that. This year. Gotta be brave.
  4. I would like to get a different job. Right now, I’m working at a grocery store, and I severely dislike the stress involved. I know any other job I get will have the same or similar stress, but greener pastures and all.
  5. I would like to paint my nails more. I know, this sounds totally random and indulgent, but when I was in high school, I painted my nails a different color every two weeks. It was a fun way to express myself, and now that I have a job that severely limits my wardrobe, I feel like expressing myself in every way that I can. 

I think that’s it. Check back on this in a year, see how I’ve done

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