Thursday, January 29, 2015

"The Writing Thing"

So… I thought I’d update you a bit on the writing thing.
Remember my Resolution-y post? Where I told the five projects that I PLAN to work on this year? I thought I’d give you the current word counts I have on all of them.

Ghost-Spirit-Death-story is the one I’m currently working on. Except that I haven’t touched it in over two weeks. Which is bad chizz in writer-land. I just… I don’t know what to put. Which is bad because I’m only in chapter two and I only have until February 25 to complete draft 2. Well, that’s kind of an arbitrary date I’ve set for myself, but still! I have to be done by then!

The draft of BND I’m working on is the second draft and I’m feeling really good about the direction the story is going (Now that I’m revisiting it several years after I first wrote it)

Hugs/Hipster—I told you guys I hadn’t started this yet, and I haven’t. I have three random scenes and a lot of plotting and character work done. That’s where all those words come from.

Snow is the only first draft (that I’ve already started) among these projects, which I suspect is why it has the largest word count.

And Immortality… well, this one’s been a ride. I’ve started this one twice before and haven’t gotten to the end either time which is why I’m not counting as a second draft, but it’s not a first draft either, it’s a reboot. I really hope I can get through the whole story this year.   

Oh, and all those blank spaces? I totally expect to start or work on various different projects this year because I am very unfocused.

See ya later!

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