Thursday, April 9, 2015

Camp NaNo/General Writing Update!

It is your friendly, neighborhood AwesomeMonica here.

Do y'all remember when I told you my writing schedule for the year?

Let’s update!

I planned to work on Ghost-Spirit-Death Story in January and February. Which I did. Thing is, I’d planned to finish it in those months. And I didn’t. So I pushed BND (which I was supposed to work of in March) back so I could continue Ghost-Spirit-Death story. I did not finish it March, either. But now it is April, which is Camp NaNo, which was one of my free write months, so I’m abandoning Ghost-Spirit-Death Story for Interplanetary Escape!

*Note: none of the titles I’m using are ACTUALLY the titles of the stories.

I was actually planning on doing something different for Camp NaNo. See, last December, I had this idea, and it was hanging out in my mind and I was totally planning on doing that for Camp NaNo. Then, in the last week of March, I started playing around with Interplanetary Escape (Which I was supposed to working on during Novemeber NaNoWriMo last year, but instead I focused of GhostSpirit-Death story.)

Anyways, I made a shotgun decision to work on Interplanetary escape for Camp NaNo and it’s actually been going pretty well. 

Here are my camp stats:

I had about 5,000 words from Novemeber NaNo to start out with, and as you can see, I didn't write at all for the first four days of camp NaNo, but then I wrote a chapter, and then another chapter, and then a half a chapter... anyways, I still feel like I'm going strong. I'm a couple days ahead, which gives me a good cushion for this weekend, as I have to turn in an essay I haven't started yet tomorrow, and I work all weekend. But, hey, this year's theme is 'no pressure', so I'm not feeling any pressure. At all.

Big question: will I go back to Ghost-Spirit-Death Story after Camp NaNo is over, or do I start on Hugs/Hipster as planned, or do I work on BND?

I just don't know. I'm pretty sick of Ghost-Spirit-Death story, though, so I'm not thinking of going back to that one, and I have been think about BND quite a bit.

We'll see how I feel at the end of the month.


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