Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On Nina Dobrev Leaving ‘The Vampire Diaries’

It’s your friendly neighborhood AwesomeMonica here with a topic that is near and dear to all our hearts. Or at least, mine.

If you haven’t heard, maybe check it out? What did you just say about Nina Dobrev?

Okay. Now that we’re all (hopefully) on the same page, can we discuss?

Because how does a show—how does any form of media function, having built a storyline around a main character, when suddenly that main character is gone?

It doesn’t. There’s no way this actually works.

Now, if you read that announcement and didn’t believe it at first (I certainly didn’t) and kept digging around you may have seen someone saying that the producers of TVD were thinking that for season 7 they’d focus the story on other characters anyway, even IF THE MAIN TRIFECTA ALL STILL STAYED ON.

Would it be awesome to have the show be all about Caroline? YES. Will it actually work? Eh…

If—IF—from the very beginning they’d taken each season to focus on other characters, I’d be totally cool with this. Like, season 1 was all about Elena falling in love with Stefan, but then season 2 had focused more on Tyler adjusting to being a werewolf and Bonnie coming into her witch powers, and then season 3 centers around Stefan dealing without the fallout of the Originals (characters) and his past with them, then season 4 focused on Damon...so on and so forth. Then YEAH, I’d totally be on board.
But no. If anything, they’ve been cutting time from characters other than the ‘Trifecta’. Sure, Caroline’s been getting tons of screen time (because she’s awesome) but was Matt even there for most season 5 or 6? And what about Tyler, who had that three-season long stint as a plot device?

Now, all these little side characters have been cutting in a bit more in the last episode or two—Matt and Tyler are police officers-in-training, Alaric is having babies with Jo—wait, who else was main from season one other than the ‘Trifecta’? Oh, right, Bonnie! Yeah, we’ve been seeing more of her lately, too.

Point is, I see what they’re doing and I think it’s cheap and obvious. Something I say a lot about TVD (say IRL; I don’t think I’ve ever said this before via interwebs) is that TVD doesn’t let thing happen organically. Fans wanted Klaroline—and so there was that one time in the woods that came TOTALLY out of the blue and was so out-of-character for them both. Fans want Steroline—thus Steroline becomes a thing. TVD is almost criminally engaged in making sure WHAT THE FANS WANT, THEY GET. And there’s nothing wrong with that—but there is a line. 


At a point, giving the fans what they want begins to feel like shameless pandering, and TVD crossed that point a long time ago.

Also, I hope I’m not the only one that realizes by the end of season 6, ELENA IS GOING TO DIE. Because, other than character death, there is no desperate plot device I will swallow as a feasible explanation for why Elena leaves her hometown, her true love(s), ALL OF HER FRIENDS, and never returns.

Unless she takes the cure and joins Jeremy on his lone vampire-hunter adventures.

Okay, I guess I’d buy that, too, but then I’D REALLY want a TV show about it. Before, I only KINDA wanted a TV show about Jer-bear’s vamp slaying adventures. See, I said it—PROOF.

Well. This post has certainly been fun. The first GIF I’ve ever used, and I made it myself! What did you think?
Monica, out.

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