Sunday, August 2, 2015

House of Night Discussion Series Part 3: In Defense of Zoey Redbird

It’s Monica here. I finished HoN a couple days ago, but I have lots more to talk about, so I’ll be continuing to post these discussions until I forget about them… or run out of things to talk to about. Wanna bet on which happens first?

Let’s be honest—we’ve all been a bit judgmental of Zoey Redbird. Hell, I was super judgmental of her in the FIRST POST OF THIS SERIES.

Throughout this particular reading of the series, I eased my own judgment, and I am now to the point where I think Zoey is a great character. Flawed—yes, she does date too many men (and ends up choosing the WRONG ONE), and yes, she is a bit immature—but those flaws make her a real person, and throughout the series, she either uses them or overcomes them so she can meet her goals.

Of course, in this specific post, I will be discussing her most major flaw, the one she gets the most flack for. Which is her, for lack of a better word, promiscuity. 

1.       Hormones. Let’s face it, who among us (women) wasn’t lusting after several guys while you were a teen, Even if you were a total nerd who never dated anyone or even had a chance with any guy (me) you still wanted them, didn’t ya?

2.       The Change. On top of normal teenage hormones, Zoey is going through the Change into a vampire, which as the series explains is a chemical process in the body that has to do with imbalanced hormones which probably f***s her up that much more.

3.       Dork to Diva. I imagine if you’re reading this that you (like me) were/are a nerd/dork/geek/(insert preferred derogatory word here). I know when I was younger reading this series, I often forgot that Zoey was also a nerd/dork/geek at her old school. Now, I imagine myself, 16 or 17 years old, suddenly changing schools and becoming the coolest, most powerful b**** around. And suddenly all the boys are all over me. Would I be into that? Hell yes. Would you be into that? (Be honest now)

If I haven’t convinced you to decrease your judgment of Zoey Redbird at least incrementally, then I don’t think I’ll be able to. I UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DON’T LIKE HER. And you’re completely allowed to not like her. You make your own decisions, and she is, after all, a fictional character. She doesn’t care what we say about her.

SHE DOESN’T. Get over it, internet.                                                        
Anyways… I think this post has been devolving for a long time and I ought to end it.
See ya later,

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