Sunday, May 3, 2015

NaNo stats 2013-present

As April Camp NaNoWriMo draws to a close and I look over my stats, I decided to go through all my previous NaNo stats to see if I could pinpoint a trend. Perhaps there’s not a trend, but it’s interesting (for me) to look at.

This was the first story I’d ever ‘plotted’ being a natural ‘pantser’. And it was an overwhelming success!
Or so it appears. What you don’t know is that my word goal had been 40,000 but within the last week I lowered it to 38,000. What you also don’t know is that I didn’t finish the story. I finished out the month with three chapters left… three chapters I wouldn’t write for at least a year.


This is a story I haven’t yet referenced online, but it’s the sequel to Ghost-Spirit-Death Story. Keep in mind, at this point I STILL HAD NOT FINISHED Ghost-Sprit-Death Story. Another problem I had with this sequel was that I’d plotted it several months before I wrote it, and the way I thought about the story had changed in the intervening time. 
Wah wah WAH.

36 DAYS: Camp NaNo April 2014

For this NaNo, I decided to continue a novel I’d started writing previous to the month’s beginning. While I did technically win, it was not on a very steep incline. I essentially added 15,000 words to the story.

I also drove that story into the ground. It has lain lifeless ever since.

T.I.T.E.: Camp NaNo July 2014

Well, this one’s impressive. Not. But I actually have a valid-ish excuse for this one. See that one day partway through the month where I just. Stopped. Writing? That was the day I got my first job. Yeah. 
This story has also lain dormant since I abandoned on that day in July 2014.


This might be the most impressive fail you’ve ever seen. I got just over 5,000 words and then I. Just. Freaking. Stopped. For. Absolutely. No. Reason. 

I mean, I don’t even know why I wasn’t able to write that story in November because…


Is the same story I left off at in Novemeber. I wasn’t planning to continue that story this camp NaNo. I was actually planning on writing a diiferent story entirely---from December 2014, I had this idea and I was all like, I’m gonna write that for Camp NaNo.” And I was planning to write that one up until a week before Camp NaNo when I made a split second decision to write Interplanetary Escape instead. 
And would you look at that? That’s best NaNo graph I’ve had since Ghost-Spirit-Death story.
And even better, it’s not close to finished. And I’ve still been writing it! According to Camp NaNo’s graph, I finished out the month with 20,036 words. I now have 20,669. And I don’t think I’ll be stopping soon. I’m really invested in writing Interplanetary Escape right now, and I’m happy with the direction it’s going in and I want to have a finished draft by the time this year is over. And I don’t think that’s not feasible.

I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated though!
Monica, out.