Monday, February 29, 2016


Better late than never, right?
·         Reading goals:
o   Read 80 books. I come to that number by starting with 52 (A book a week) adding half of that to it (52+26) and then rounding that number (78) up.
o   Read 20 books I bought in 2015. I’d like to not be that person who buys an insane amount of books and then NEVER EVER reads them.
o   Read at least five classics. I will allow myself to count classics read in class, so long as I actually read most of the text (as opposed to sparknotes-ing it).
o   Read at least five nonfiction books. I want to become more well-rounded in my reading, and this is how I intend to start.
o   Complete the 2016 Bookriot Read Harder Challenge and the 2016 Pop Sugar Reading challenge. As it turns out, I really like these challenges! Also, I would like to complete the Around the Year in 52 Books challenge. (You may notice, that totals to way more than 80 books, but I’m allowing to count a book multiple times within each challenge and across challenges, so I have at least one book counting five times, several others counting three times, etc.)
·         Writing Goals
o   I would like to write story words at least four days a week.
§   I could write one hundred words or one thousand, I could write actual prose or work on some plotting or whatever, I don’t care, but I would like to keep my head inside my writing more days a week than not. I say four days a week because my schedule can get crazy, and I don’t want to create a goal I won’t be able to keep, like I did last year.
o   Stick to my guns.
§  If I want to keep my head inside my writing for the majority of days this upcoming year, I would also to keep my head inside ONE SINGLE STORY until I have it finished, except how often does that happen? I would like to write at least two stories to completion this year (do I have ideas of which two stories I’d like those to be? Sure. Will I set in stone? Nah, maybe, I don’t know? Expect another post on this topic)
·         Blogging Goals

Well, believe it or not, I’m actually pleased with my blogging performance from last year. Did I post anything the last three months? Nope, not a thing. Did I post four times a month? Not at all. But did I post quite a bit? Yeah, I think so. And I’m impressed with the quality of my posts from last year as well.

This year, I would like to post to my blog at least three times a month. Could be about anything, I don’t really care. Could succeed, might not, whatever, I won’t stress. I will also recognize that I tend to get burned out towards the end of the year and not pressure myself in the last months of the year.

That’s it! That’s my goals! (I can already tell you the writing four days a week thing is not working out).

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