Thursday, March 10, 2016

English Major #Like a Boss

Some weeks, you can’t help it. 

Some weeks, you know you have a crap-ton of homework due (specifically, one presentation, four one-page papers, two 4-6 page papers, a take home test, and another one-page paper assigned in the middle of the week) and on your free Saturday afternoon that weekend, all you can bring yourself to do is two pages. 

Some weeks, you look at all those pages you’ll be writing, think to yourself, I can do this. If I pace it out right. Yeah. 

But, alas, you are a serial procrastinator. So, you don’t pace it out. At all. You find yourself writing one four-page paper the morning it’s due, the next one that night. The take home test? Yeah, save that for the morning its due. What happened to all those little assignments? You can turn them in online, and you happen to know that teacher won’t dock you if you turn them in late.

Some weeks, you write half a paper on Tuesday evening, finish it Wednesday morning, turn it in the afternoon, go home and write another paper, complete a take-home midterm the following morning AND a short (by short I mean 1 and a half pages) and TURN IT ALL IN THAT AFTERNOON.

And when it’s all over?                                                                         

You feel pretty good, You’ve gotten maybe six hours of sleep over the last 48 hours, drank at least two full pots of coffee, at least one of those papers was written as though in a lucid dream.
But when it’s all over, you feel like saying,

“Man, I just English majored like a BOSS!”

And then you feel super cliché, but you know what, you’re tired, and you’re allowed to be cliché for two seconds.

That's sort of all. 

Monica, out.